Monday, July 27, 2015

Feature| Decorate your Papemelroti Notebooks & Journals at their DIYStation for Free!

Remember when I visited Papemelroti's main branch and met a true inspiration? 

The sales lady behind the counter told me that I should take my princess to their new branch in Gateway Cubao where they have a DIY corner and she could play with stamps there.


That's exactly what I did. In between our errands of buying rice and groceries we made a side stop to Gateway, at first I dropped by the branch near the LRT entrance and I asked them where to find it and they gladly provided me with this cute map. 

It is a little hidden but like any hidden paradise - your inner high school girl is shrieking in delight. I was told by the sales lady that I may buy any notebook and use their DIY station to decorate it. 


While I was looking around, I gave my princess a go. She happily used the stamps on the paper that was provided. 


After making my purchase, I gave it a go, unfortunately my migraine wasn't cooperating and I kind of lost my crafty side but I was happy to have personalized the notebook I was to give a colleague of mine for her birthday. 



This is my first time to encounter a DIY section in Papemelroti's store and it's a perfect idea for the crafty lady in you. 
My simple gift for my dear colleague at work.

You should drop by, there is a gift for everyone at Papemelroti - and I seriously mean that when I recall what I said to Patricia when we met, "The thing about Papemelroti, is that it grows with each genre and that's why it's so successful."

I was paying along a teener who bought a fridge magnet - reminds me of my teener years except we didn't have smart phones back then. :) 

  Here's more happy thoughts lasses, Papemelroti will proudly be a part of my birthday give-away! So make sure to follow all of their social accounts on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook

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