Monday, April 11, 2016

Beauty Tutorial| How to Do Long Lasting Eyebrows for Hot Weather: Step By Step!

You still asking yourself this question? Hehe, well I am hoping that this is the answer to your question.

I have tried several ways to do my brows since I am kinda a victim of the over plucking genre.

I completely attest to this method. I have truly oily skin and this method keeps my eyebrows looking decent for the whole day, sweaty jeepney ride included.

First, I take a brow gel and use it as a "primer", I draw the line under my brow with and the outer corners.


Then using the lighter colored brow powder, I fill out the sparse areas as well as go over the line under my brow.
The outer corners, I color with the darker shade of brow powder to give it "depth". 


To make sure that the product is distributed evenly, use a spoolie to brush your brows so that you don't look like a caveman with too thick colored brows.

TIP!: Natural looking thick brows make you look young too!


Seal your masterpiece with brow gel.


To make sure your brows look neat, take some concealer and go around your eyebrows.



Voila! You have just successfully made your brows cuter, hehe.

  Better yet you can watch the full video tutorial here:

Hope this helped you lasses! Please let me know below if it has or not. <3


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  1. hi mamanee this review of yours helps me alot especially na buong araw ang schedule ko sa school :)


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