Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mamanee's Birthday Give-away Part III | Love Hope Faith Watches!

For the third part of my giveaway I chose an organization that has touched the lives of many and who I have a steady partnership with. 

I featured Love Hope Faith previously and they were also one of my sponsors for my outreach project Smile For Hutch

LHF Watches

The amazing thing about Love Faith Hope is that they produce and sell products mainly to help others. Their advocacy has helped so many others and they also support a mommy blogger friend of mine who's son Carlisle has been diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma, a rare kind of brain tumor.

All watches come with an extra battery!

When you join this giveaway you also get to help spread awareness for the beautiful advocacy of Love Hope Faith

I am giving away a set of watches that I also gave out to the patients of PGH's Pediatric Ward 9. 

Do please visit their online shop to see their best selling t-shirts and other items. Splurge and save lives! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please Read these Terms and Conditions before joining:
1. Give-away is open to residents in the Philippines with a deliverable address. This will end on August 25.

2. Prizes are not convertible to cash. 
3. All entries will be validated, if entries are found to be invalid this will disqualify the entree all together. 
4.  Winner will be picked via Rafflecopter within one week after the giveaway deadline and will be notified via this blog and via email address where the winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen as replacement. Winners once drawn, are deemed as final. Those that post negative remarks towards the contest or the pages of Mamanee's Nest and Love Hope Faith Group will be banned from joining future give-aways of this blog.
5. Prizes will be shipped within one week after receiving winners complete shipping details.The winner will be sent the tracking code and the courier's details. The winner will be responsible with tracking the parcel.
6. Mamanee's Nest or Love Hope Faith Group will not be liable for any damages or loss of items once shipped.


  1. by sharing what you have
    cath /

  2. Mas Madali tumulong sa talagang walang wala na talagang lalapit sayo mismo , kesa tumulong sa mga nasa kalye ..

    Email Add :
    Facebook Name : keizylyn Mariano
    Instagram Name :
    Twitter Name :

  3. I Will Pray for That Child Name " Carlisle " for Fast Healing , God Speed Carlisle ... God Bless You

  4. We make sure our kids are compassionate and knows how to help others as well. I really believe that it all starts at home.

    We expose them to various charitable activities that we organize especially during their birthdays or Christmas.

    - Renz

    1. That's a wonderful teaching to kids! Thanks for joining Renz!

  5. By sharing my blessings especially to those who are in need. Extending a hand to the utmost help that I can do is the best thing to show my value as a person. -

  6. What I have been doing is using my writing/blogging and online marketing skills to help out my friends and people I meet along the way who have startup businesses, especially the ones whom I know have put all their eggs in that basket, so to speak. It's not much, but it's what I'm able to give right now.

    1. To you it may not seem much but I'm sure May that to those that you have helped it means all the world to them. :)

  7. My small way of helping others is giving my seat to the elderly,or those who has kids or pregnant, me and husband has advocate also to give food if we see street kids,as giving small things makes a bigger change in the society!

    1. Ahhh me too, I buy the kids food rather than money. :)

  8. I am always ready to help others, but in helping strangers I always use and trust my instinct and discernment. I always do help elders who are to cross the street and recently, I saw this elder woman who is carrying a large heavy bag and about to take the stairs down, I immediately offered help to let me carry her bag and grab her hand while taking the stairs down. - Drin,

  9. By sharing your Blessings to other..
    Ann Cagalingan
    Thanks and StayBlessed MamaNee ♥

  10. Helping others can be in our own little and simple ways. Recently, I helped a colleage in carrying her bags and openedt he door for her. - Xane,

  11. I noticed that when I became a Mom, I am more aware of the hardships other Moms face everyday. So I help out other Moms when I see them having difficulties (like I pick up a dropped toy; entertain a bored child; or offer a seat).

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  12. I give clothes and toys to those in need.

  13. By caring through sharing, whether it's through material things, an ear for listening, a shoulder to cry on, patience, time and love. Happy Birthday and God bless.

    Anne |

  14. By sharing my blessing to those in need. especially beggars na oldies.. sometimes i gave them fud.

  15. I help others by taking someones BP for free. I usually go to the market during my day off at work. There are so many people who are tired in the market and some are old. I might save a life by knowing if their BP is high. Giving first aid is important to lessen the complications of stroke.
    Nickname: Mina
    Email Add:

  16. I help out by writing about advocacies and relevant content on my site. I also mentor aspiring newbie bloggers.


  17. I used to share my blessings to those who are really in need, I have a special heart for kids, they really touches my heart.


  18. in a simple way of reaching others by means of prayer to pray for them to bless them in every aspect of their life,that is the first thing that can give as a help to others,

  19. I always share what I have & I can give since I know sharing is caring.

    Cha G.

  20. I help by means of giving their information..for example po need talaga nila malaman ang isang bagay na hindi nila alam,ituturo ko po sa kanila yun
    helen gatbonton

  21. Take a few moments each day to share even in my little own way.Because I believe when you share something valuable, others get value from it. See what goodness can do:D

    Hello I'm jem

  22. I help out others by sharing my knowledge. Everyday there is an oppurtunity to educate someone about our area of expertise. Sharing is caring and caring is helping! :)

  23. Take a Pledge to Pray for them , ask some of NGO's for help ...

    Paarkum Mariano

  24. Helping people in small things, I share what can I give as long as kaya ko maibigay para sa kapwa tao ko.

    Angelica Datang

  25. I help others in my own little way by sharing with them not only my money or any material things , I also give my time to comfort them , I also include others in my prayers and everytime I give assistance I never ask anything in return.

    Beth Andres

  26. This is a great cause, they are such a wonderful organization. In terms of helping out, if I could help financially, I will. But for the most part, I pray for them. :)


  27. By giving them enough attention and time and lending my ears to listen

  28. i give what i can share :)


  29. In my own little ways, I can help others by sharing my blessings especially to those who needs most. Simple things mean a lot to them as long as it came from the heart, and that's what makes me happy too.

    Chariz Rico

  30. I pay attention to their needs and aspirations, then share or help out in any way I can.
    Anna Adona

  31. We also buy some items to those people who made handcrafted things but we make sure that it's legit.

    maydoll0513 at gmail dot com

  32. Our family celebrates the Christmas Season with a Gift giving for kids in our neighborhood. We've been doing it for 7-8 years already.

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  33. In my simple ways, most especially with street children, I don't give them money but I will give them foods.


  34. sharing my blessing, and to help as i can :)


  35. Once I had extra money, I decided to celebrate my birthday with the street kids. Cooked spaghetti packed them in styro and bought tetra pack juices. The happiness in their faces means the whole world to me. Priceless. I would gladly do that again and again with or without occassion.


  36. My whole family used to give clothes, toys and some instant food to the people whose in need especially those who are in provinces.


  37. I won!!! Unexpected things will always be one of the happiest:D Thank you so much:) email sent po. God Bless you


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