GIVEAWAY! Win a Junk Journal ♥

Since I have ventured into creating Junk Journals and proclaimed myself as an artist (because it takes tons of creativity to think on design and execution), it's been an amazing blessings - not specifically financially but more for my mental health. Whenever I am overwhelmed, I turn to a junk journal and curate my anxiety away. 

I am so grateful since my clients are not all people I know but also those that appreciate my "style". I have almost been booked for the entire year and that has made me one busy crafter. 

This month is also my birthday month so I really want to give back by throwing this giveaway and also to help my YT channel grow, where I have posted my Junk Journal work. 

The mechanics are so easy to follow. Hope you can join and I really want to start raffling these off! I have 3 to give away, all with their own personality or character. ♥ 

To join, please watch the video here: 


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