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How to Be Healthy & Happy? Lessen Your Stress

We all have individual goals and aspirations in life. Nonetheless, health and happiness will naturally feature at the top of everyone’s agenda. Many ideas can be incorporated into your life with hopes of unlocking the right results. But learning to stress less is the foundation of success.

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Unfortunately, stress can come from a wide range of sources and you cannot fake your way to reduced levels. So, you must tackle the issues head-on. Here’s how:

Treat Your Body Well

How To Use Your Credit Card Responsibly While Getting The Most Out of It

Credit cards can create an advantage or a disadvantage for you financially depending on how you use it. It's exciting right, when you receive your new and shiny credit card and I am sure there is that feeling that you would just love to go shopping with that available credit line - but before you go ahead and do so, read on to know how to use your credit card responsibly. 

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To get the most out of your credit card, here's a few tips I use:

These Tips Are A MUST Before You Workout

My husband is the person I rely on the most when talking about working out and it provides great advice for me to follow.

Did you know that you need to prep before a workout or pre-workout? You should do a couple of things to get your mind and body in the mood for the upcoming activity. You will need to think about what you eat or lack of, what you drink or lack of, and the kind of way you prepare your body for the time spent in the gym. Mentally prepare yourself because doing hard physical activity is not easy and requires focus. Especially, if you want to build a better mind to muscle connection - which my husband always tells me to do - a warm up, not just physically but mentally is equally important. 

Take these 5 Tips on how to Prep:

Rest and Create Free Workshops by Lasting Blooms

I am totally an advocate of arts and crafts - you would know that if you follow me on social media. A friend and colleague of mine invited me to workshop where the products would be paper flowers. I always had made paper flowers before but after seeing the example photos - I know I needed to join and learn something new. 

Lasting Blooms PH conducts free workshops every Sundays and you can purchase a workshop kit (which I suggest you do since everything needed for the workshop is there) of your choice depending on which workshop you attend. 

I Prefer MetroSunnies to Protect My Eyes While Using Gadgets

I admit, I am not the best person when it comes to managing screen time and with working from home, I have been spending more time on the computer and my phone than before. There are times I even get headaches because of it and suffer from eye strain.

That’s why I am stoked that I have my own pair of MetroSunnies Con-Strain anti-radiation glasses as this helps protect my eyes from harmful blue light from my gadget screens and it is effective to prevent headaches and digital eye strain. I can attest to this, as I have been wearing them since I received them in the mail. 

How Seniors Can Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Regardless of a person’s age, it is essential to take good care of their physical and mental health. This can help reduce the likelihood of developing various health complications. However, seniors are more prone to various health issues such as infections and chronic issues. However, it is possible to boost the immune system by choosing a healthy lifestyle. The following are some tips seniors can apply to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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Sharp Philippines Provides Solutions For The Rainy Season

We are now in the middle of the year, which means more rainy days are coming. Apart from staying cozy inside your home, now more than ever is the time for you to know about how technology can help you to enjoy a safe and convenient household. So, how can Sharp Philippines make your rainy days much better?

I am all for looking for solutions during this rainy season and I worry most about the hills of laundry that I would need to face.

We Filipinos are indeed familiar with the worries that come with the rainy season. Drying clothes can be challenging, the humidity swiftly changes, and the breakout of mosquitoes after every rainfall. However, there are ways in which we can have better preparation for this season.