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Safecare Affordable Products to Keep Your Home Clean and Sanitized

cannot live without a bulk of cleaning products at home anymore. I also have purchased so many sanitization products for surfaces, furniture and rooms and I have to be honest that my cleaning habits have increased in being obsessive-compulsive especially that we are living with a pandemic. 

Given that these products do cost a lot, I always look around for options and I stumbled upon Safecare on the O-Superstore website. Safecare offers products from Anti-Bac Multisurface wipes to Isopropyl Alcohol - which are now essentials in the home. 

How To Provide Support to a Family Who Lost Someone

 A family that has lost someone is in a difficult position. They are grieving, and their lives have been changed forever. It can be hard to know what to say or do when you visit them, but if you want to help ease the burden for your loved ones, it's important to make an effort. 

The following blog post will provide some helpful tips on supporting a family who has lost someone they love dearly.

New Food Discoveries For this New Year!

Meal preparation may seemingly be a daunting task year on year, but have no fear. There’s always room for new food discoveries and hacks. Foodies and homemakers alike are always on the lookout for something different yet easy to prepare and definitely, palate and tummy pleasers.A great break from having delivered meals! Make part of your New Year’s resolution to try out these new, life-easing products in the market by San Miguel Foods. 

I have been wanting to eat healthier this year and knowing that there are options like these makes me happy.

Rewrite your story with Viviamo’s 2022 planners and journals

Surely, you still have a holiday hangover. There’s something about being able to spend time (albeit online or in small groups) with friends and loved ones in this cuddle weather that allows us to have restful minds and peaceful hearts even just for a moment.


In this moment, you’re probably high on natural endorphins and have a renewed sense of clarity. Don’t you just want to hold on to that feeling as you walk into a brand new year?


Moms overcome "nutri-problems" for their kids by giving them “Lakas at Talas”


Nutrition has always been a pressing issue, especially now when families are becoming more vulnerable to health and economic problems. During these trying times, the resiliency shown by moms has inspired Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink team in conducting a survey to better understand their nutrition needs and issues encountered by their families during the pandemic. 

How To Protect Your Family With These Sharp Products

Christmas is just around the corner. We’re already getting the holiday vibes the moment we stepped in the month of September, and countless Christmas memes are already surfacing on social media. But despite the influx of Christmas themes, the public is still on high alert due to the rising number of cases of COVID-19, which leaves everyone more attentive to preparing themselves to protect their loved ones instead of the type of Christmas decoration to purchase. 

And with the rise of COVID-19 cases and the emergence of new variants here in the Philippines, it has become more important to invest in our health and safety. The virus chooses no one, it targets front liners, essential workers, and families in their homes. 

How Does Microneedling Work?

If you've been looking for ways to revitalize your skin or heal inconsistencies like acne scars, you might have come across microneedling. This procedure is becoming more and more common in plastic surgery and aesthetic offices as a way to help people restore youthful, healthy skin. Some liken the process to acupuncture, but in fact, it's very different.

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