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How Seniors Can Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Regardless of a person’s age, it is essential to take good care of their physical and mental health. This can help reduce the likelihood of developing various health complications. However, seniors are more prone to various health issues such as infections and chronic issues. However, it is possible to boost the immune system by choosing a healthy lifestyle. The following are some tips seniors can apply to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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Sharp Philippines Provides Solutions For The Rainy Season

We are now in the middle of the year, which means more rainy days are coming. Apart from staying cozy inside your home, now more than ever is the time for you to know about how technology can help you to enjoy a safe and convenient household. So, how can Sharp Philippines make your rainy days much better?

I am all for looking for solutions during this rainy season and I worry most about the hills of laundry that I would need to face.

We Filipinos are indeed familiar with the worries that come with the rainy season. Drying clothes can be challenging, the humidity swiftly changes, and the breakout of mosquitoes after every rainfall. However, there are ways in which we can have better preparation for this season. 

Say Game to Less: New MILO® drink helps get kids get energized, with less table sugar!

MILO®, the country’s leading chocomalt milk beverage is introducing the NEW MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar, a delicious new drink that gives kids the same nutritional goodness of MILO® with less table sugar content. MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar will help moms provide another choice for their kids the to stay active throughout the day, and the fortified nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

I am so happy to know of this as I want my kids to lessen their sugar intake so I am surely sticking to Milo, to make sure this happens. So, mommies -  this is absolutely great news!

“We want to give moms more options to support their children’s growth and overall wellbeing through good and nourishing food that suit their preferences and needs,” said Veronica Cruz, MILO Business Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, Nestle Philippines, Inc. “With the MILO® Less Than 1Gram Table Sugar, moms can have the confidence to give their kids a drink that offers essential nutrients and the chocomaltee taste they love with less table sugar.”  

Things You Need to Know When Looking for Retirement Living Options


Your senior loved ones deserve dignity and good quality of life even when they’ve set off to retire. If you’re helping prepare for their move into retirement living, there are several points of consideration that you should factor in. 

Here are some of them that should help you further narrow down your search. 

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Facilities and Amenities

Because it will become their permanent residence, more or less, you need to take a close look at the available facilities and amenities. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should at least be clean, safe, and accessible.

J’s Diamond Opens its Flagship Store in Ayala Malls Trinoma

“When one sees something especially wonderful, 

it’s always nice to have someone shared it with.”

- Mary Anne Schwalbe

A gift of love, a timeless gleam, a stunning jewelry that is worth giving or keeping, J’s Diamond fine jewelry is more than a piece of accessory. It represents a memory captured in the moment of extreme bliss. It brings you back to the moment with the one that you love the most. It makes you remember the feeling, atmosphere, texture, drama, and emotion, the very moment that you treasure that forever be part of your subconscious. J’s Diamond reawakens the time when you feel loved and cherished or when you made someone happy. 

J’s Diamond is a gift of love with a timeless gleam.

And as the saying goes..."Diamonds are a girl's best friend".

Striving, Fighting and Surviving This New Normal: I Am Important Too

Dear Marie, 

Let's take some time to talk about your journey so far, Marie - and how you are a survivor. If I tell your entire life story, I can confidently say it will take more than one lengthy episode to get through. So, let's focus on the recent events of your life, Marie. 

The total Misconception.

Everyone has seen you as a strong woman - only because your exterior gives off the impression as being snobbish, stuck up and upfront. Only a few know that inside, you are as frail as a rose, stuck in a snow storm. 

Now, as this open letter is to myself, - I like to think that you are battling a strong snow storm and struggling to keep standing; as well as walking forward. Much like those days when you still lived in London, that whenever the weather was gusty winds, you literally needed to hold on to a lamp post, so that the wind could not carry you away. Good times, right? 

You always thought that staying home would be a walk in the park, you were so wrong! This would have been the conversation with you: "Hey, you have no idea what this (quarantine) is going to do to you, right?" Then, welcome the evil laugh. Last year, you thought, "You got this, girl!" turned out - most of the time, you did not. Last year, you wrote about your transition of coming from the normal way of life that you were used to and moving into the new normal, that everyone else in this country has moved into. 

You initially adapted so well, like there were no struggles and managed to do something new - but that was only a façade to what you were going to go through when 2021 entered. 

PCPPI bolsters food safety standards, eyes to complete FSSC for all plants

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI)—the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country—aims to secure Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) from Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), one of the world’s leading audit and certification companies. 

PCPPI bagged FSSC for its Muntinlupa, Santo Tomas, Rosario, Davao and Bacolod plants. It is working towards certifying its other six plants in Cebu City, Naga City, Zamboanga City, Cagayan de Oro City, Iloilo City, and Tanauan within the year.

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