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I Questioned Myself as a Parent After Watching The Movie Wonder

Okay, I am a cry baby for touching movies, I totally admit. I cry at any movie that I relate to, I even cried watching Avengers: Infinity War - I think it's because of the situations where you lose someone you love or fought for. 

If you have not watched the movie Wonder - as a parent, especially if you have a child with special needs, then this movie is a must watch for you. 

Wonder is based on the best selling novel from R.J Palacio.

How To Claim a PWD ID for Quezon City Residents

After getting diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, I decided to apply for the PWD (Persons With Disability) ID. With my condition, I knew that I needed all the help I could get especially with being on medication. 

My son has a PWD ID however at that time we applied through our Barangay Hall. To lessen the wait (which could take up to 2 weeks) we decided that my husband would go directly to Quezon City Hall since a friend said it would only take up to an hour to get the ID. 

Initially, I registered online and to be sure filled out the form Registry Form v2.0 (newest) however when my husband got to the venue - my online transaction number was not considered then the form we had was not valid and he was told that he needed to fill out a "new" one. 

So here is what you need to do, to get a PWD ID for Quezon City Residents:

Woman Up with the Women of Avignon

Paris is most likely the city that would first come to mind when we think of city lights, history, luxury and rich history but it is also very crowded and oh so expensive. But did you know that there is a city in the southern part of France which can give you the same feel less the price tag? That city is called Avignon. 

Now, if you want the benefit of the a luxurious laser dermatology center without the luxurious price tag but achieve the same results - the Avignon in BGC is the place for you. Avignon is powered by advanced aesthetic devices manned by expert professionals, who are trusted Dermatologists and what makes it even better - it's dominated by Women. 

Althea Make Up Review + Tutorial (Sunrise Look)

Kilig, ecstatic, happy and feeling loved when I received the Althea Make Up Box in the mail.

Althea released make up products and it's perfect for the Korean Make-up look: Creamy concealer, Lip tint, and Eye glitter is part of this new make up line. 

I was particularly ecstatic with the release of the Althea Sunrise & Moonrise Eyeshadow Palette which is in collaboration with Bunga Citra Lestari otherwise known as BCL who is an Indonesian Singer and Actress. After using it, I was not disappointed at all. Knowing that Korean Make up is as not overly pigmented, it's a plus for women like me who want to do eye make up for everyday but not look overdone. 

What does a Person Suffering from Anxiety Disorder Look Like?

Not many people talk about it, or have the courage to say that they suffer from Anxiety Disorder. I am using my blog and my social media accounts to spread awareness about this to help others to seek help and get diagnosed. I waited for long enough to get diagnosed.

I look pretty normal and many have said that I don't look like that I am experiencing Anxiety. Anxiety is different from Depression. A person with Depression may be experiencing depressed moods, lack of interest in enjoyable activities, feeling of guilt and worthlessness, suicidal thoughts or behaviors. While a person with Anxiety can experience being irritable, easily feels fatigue, excessive worry, muscle tension and restlessness.

Your Go To Naturals Vegan Lipstick Honest Review

If you are a bonafide animal lover then maybe it's time to switch to Vegan Make up. 

What does Vegan Make up mean? It simply means that the make up is free of animal derived ingredients or animal byproducts; think of beeswax, collagen and others.

So if you want to go full on support towards vegan make up, then you can start off with a popular product: Lipstick. Your Go To Naturals has just released 4 moisturizing matte shades that will fit every Filipina's skin tone. Totally wearable and not drying.

Goodbye Lawlaw, Go Galaw with Pampers for My Super Active Lad!

Diapers are NOT my favorite thing but my son needs them. At his age and with him constantly trying to find stimulation he is super active - he loves to jump, run, roll and even bounces up and down on his exercise ball. Good for him but not for his diaper pants. 

After a few hours his diaper pants start to sag and sometimes they fall down HAHA. Funny parenting moment. He needs diaper pants which will give him the freedom to move around (a lot) and not to cut-off a moment of stimulation when he is most happy.