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PH’s 1st Stevia Grower-manufacturer Bullish on Financial Outlook Despite the Pandemic

Glorious, popularly known as the country’s first Stevia company, is positive on its outlook despite almost 2-years in the pandemic as more and more people turn to healthier alternatives, sales of stevia products continue to grow. 

According to agribusiness finance giant Rabobank, Stevia's sales are expected to hit $700 million worldwide in the next few years.

Consumers in the Philippines can now get their calorie-free sugar needs from natural alternatives. Before, stevia was restricted to the health food market without any FDA approval. Recently, it is now widely used as a natural substitute for artificial sweeteners in many products. 

Where To Go in Alberta?

St. Albert,  which is the second largest town in Alberta, can definitely provide you with an exciting visit. While the weekend is typically the best time to visit due to a majority of festivals and events being held, don’t count St. Albert out of your plans if you only have a weekend to stop by. 

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Here are just a few of the many activities and places that you can stop at when visiting this area.

Experience Cool and Comfort with Sharp J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator and Air Conditioner

Enjoying the summer during this new normal situation will be a whole different dynamic. Due to travel restrictions, we cannot go to the beach or tour outside the country. But it also means that we can spend these hot days having fun and doing worthwhile things. This is a great opportunity to bond with our family or learn a new hobby.

As we do these things, Sharp Philippines wants to provide us a safe yet convenient experience as we stay inside our house within this hot weather.

Keeping Hope Alive Amid The Pandemic - 1st Anniversary of The Medical City South Luzon Complex of Hope

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges and has caused a lot of confusion and disruption in people's lives all over the world.  Leaders have stepped up, rolling out various initiatives with the goal of keeping people safe and halting further transmission of the virus.

At The Medical City (TMC) South Luzon, leaders across all organizational levels rose to the challenge and faced it head on. With patients afraid to go to the hospital for treatment, TMC South Luzon responded and encouraged patients to continue seeking care for their other health problems by assuring them that they were safe and protected while within the hospital premises.  An essential component to this is the Complex of Hope (COH), a detached facility where all the COVID-19 cases are admitted and managed. A brainchild of Dr. Cesar Ramon G. Espiritu, TMC South Luzon President and CEO, the complex opened its doors to patients in May last year. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Cook

With the advent of meal delivery services and inexpensive ready-made meals in supermarkets, it’s becoming more and more common to see people grow up with almost no experience in cooking. 

This contrasts the previous few generations where takeout food was seen as not only expensive but also rather unhealthy. Nowadays, you can get plenty of healthy takeout food for a much lower price, and there are so many different styles of cuisine to choose from. It’s also really accessible thanks to delivery services, so it’s no surprise that people are starting to shy away from cooking.

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My family may do take out at some times, but we primarily make sure that a home cooked meal is regularly served. 

However, investing your time into learning how to cook is extremely beneficial, and here’s 4 reasons why you should cook:

How To Reduce Your Stress (Play A Game!)

I think being in quarantine for more than a year does have it downs and we have to admit that stress has heightened recently. There are so many ways that I have looked to at least take my mind off things that I worry about. 

When I was younger, I loved to play games on our Sega and Nintendo but as a mom you really don't get that luxury or even time anymore. I always look for something quick and easy and not so much time consuming - it's hard to not keep track of time when you are a mom and a full time worker. 

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How To Order A Subway Wrap Online With Ease!

Cravings satisfied from the safety of my home. I ordered the New Subway Tortilla Wrap Roasted Chicken Breast flavor will all my favorite vegetables and made it into a meal, just by adding Php 85!