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DIY Outdoor Tent

I am so into DIY and I think that being in this pandamic has increased that interest. Thank God, for Pinterest that I get my ideas on how to decorate parts of the house.

My most recent project was our neglected roof deck which I turned into a garden. Now, I decided I wanted a tent outdoors not only as a nook but also a place for my daughter's birthday celebration. Given that we avoid taking the kids out, I wanted to make sure she would feel that she has a nice celebration even just for us.

I then, thought of either a mini tree house but we don't have a tree and then the next best thing would be a tent. So, behold Pinterest I found a ton of DIY tents and started to visualize how it would work for us and our small space. We were also inspired by a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant with their tents for customers to eat in. 

At the start of the year, we made a wood pallette chair but never got to fully utilize it, so it was perfect to convert it to the base of the tent. 

We then purchased seven 1x3 lumber. Planks for the frame. My husband and I both have no carpentry background except from what I learned in Carpentry class in the UK. With his strength and my vision we got to work on putting the frame together. 

We opted for a simple frame but made sure to secure it and painted it to protect from the weather. 

Next was the material to serve as the covering, initially we wanted to go with plastic canvass but it ended up to be outside of our budget range and I decided to opt for RipStop fabric which is a thick water repellent fabric. Just my luck, my sewing machine broke down and I had to hand stitch the whole thing. 

I did the standard running stitch for the sides and the extra fabric to cover the ends or the Macrame rope I repurposed to serve as the tie for the fabric to the frame. 

After 3 days of stitching, finally I could cover the frame and tie down the fabric. I bought solar led lights to give a cozy feel and only wrapped it inside the tent, threw a blanket on top of the palette and our well loved floor pillows. 

The kids loved and my husband was happy of the work we did. Hope this inspires you to build one too. 

What DIY projects have you be working on? 

Read This Book To Uplift Your Tired Heart

I felt that I have a purpose in life and that is to try as much to inspire others. I have always loved sharing my experiences in the hope that there would be individuals that would feel that they would take away a few leanings or probably relate to whatever I share. 

I have always love buying books that would help me uplift my spirits and reading has always found a way to calm my soul and heart. Women go through so much as we grow into a lady, go through the experience of love, carrying a delicate baby in the womb, becoming a mother for the first time and lastly trying to still find herself amidst all these changes that comes along with challenges. 

Smart Money Moves for Any Age

Nearly one-third of people age 55 and over have no retirement savings, per the U.S. Government Accountability Office, meaning no IRA or 401K or pension. Many folks are relying on Social Security, with some seniors relying on it for 30% to 90% of their income. Will that be enough to retire on? Most people cannot rely on just Social Security for comfortable living. Improve your golden years with a few smart investment strategies now. 

Own a Home
Savings accounts are often not a good return on your investment, with interest rates lower than 2%, at best. However, buying a home, even if there's debt associated with it in terms of a mortgage, can provide a nice return on investment upward of 10%. Whether that home is a house, a condo or co-op, it's possible that investing in your dwelling can provide a little extra income when you need it for retirement planning. Consider talking to a financial advisor Wyckoff NJ to make a plan.

Invest in Yourself
It can seem hard to squirrel away any extra money when every dime is going toward bills. Sometimes the best money move is getting a better-paying job, but to do that may require better skills. If there's an employable skill that can be developed by earning a degree or taking online classes, it's worth it. That training may help bridge any knowledge gaps so that you will be prepared when new opportunities surface. 

Get a Side Hustle 
Multiple streams of income are important in this day and age. Whatever your skills, there may be a side hustle for that. Moonlighting as a writer, coder, customer service agent, stocker, Uber driver, or hostess, for example, can bring in that extra bit to save for later. 

The best plan for your future is to work hard now. Whatever your age, it's time to start thinking ahead. 

Why I Turned Into A Plantita and Why You Should Too!

This Covid pandemic has brought about so many new hobbies, business ideas and longing for new companions, like pets. We can definitely see the boom of the plant industry whether vegetables, herbs or ornamental. We can see people post on social media their growing collection where before, they would only have a plastic version of flowers sitting on their dining table. 

So, what happened here? Why is the demand so high? Being cooped up in your home for months on end would most likely have us yearning for the outdoors and that lessened human interaction may leave some with acute anxiety. Plants give off phytoncides, which protect them from insects and rotting, but are actually beneficial to humans, according to The New York Times.  

The chemicals that plants omit help us reduce stress. Less stress, healthier immune system, less likely chance of getting sick. 

I kicked off my Plantita Journey in January when I renovated our roof deck from a storage area to a patch of green for the kids, unbelievably timely since quarantine hit and it has been the source for my kids to be able to enjoy the outdoors. I started off with 4 small Mayana plants, then herbs, then snake plants, then indoor plants and my collection is still growing! 

I have found a happy sanctuary in being surrounded by plants and this is even if I have never have had a "green thumb", it's amazing how the plants I have cared for have grown and produced vegetables. Okay, so it wasn't ever perfect, as I have had a few die along the way but I have also learned how to propagate which lessens the blow of losing a plant. 

If you haven't started the plantita or plantito journey yet, I am encouraging you - not just for your health but also for you sanity - don't be discouraged to start as there are so many Facebook groups that you can join also to support your new found journey as a plant parent. 

Just want to share a few tips based on my experience of joining this journey: 

1. Choose plants based on the space you will place them and your behavior - is your place well lit or dark, cramped or spacious, do you have time to give care or need something that you can leave un-watered for days? This is very important as their are plants that need extra care while there are others that thrive on neglect. 

2. Be careful in choosing plants if you have kids or pets. some plants can be toxic if consumed, you know that kids and pets love to experiment. Make sure you check and research on the plant you purchase to help you decide if you can keep it indoors or outdoors. 

3. Stop watering the plant! Not all plants need to be watered every single day - the best tip for me is to water if the soil is dry when I dip my finger or when the leaves look droopy. 

4. Use rain water, rice washed water, water from your laundry or' if you are feeling generous, mineral water instead of direct water from the tap as the chlorine will harm you plant. 

Here is a bonus tip which has done wonders for my plants recently, after using this I have had an abundance of new leaves, growth and vegetables. Using MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or your home supply of vetsin as a fertilizer. Take one teaspoon of MSG and mix in one gallon of water (rain water or water that you have kept for at least a day). Water your plants with this mixture every 2 weeks. you'll love the results after! 

Do you have any tips to share? I would also love to hear your plantita or plantito journey. 

Healthy Living Investments That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

 Nothing in this life is more important than your health, but several obstacles can stand in the way of maintaining the right habits. For most people, perceived financial hurdles are among the biggest culprits. In reality, though, investments into your wellbeing will often boost your long-term situation.

Here are four issues where a stitch in time can truly save nine. A healthier, happier, and financially stable future awaits.

3 Expenses That Personal Loans Can Cover

At some point, everyone has unexpected expenses. Other times, you may expect the expense, but it comes at a bad time. Many people’s first instinct is to reach for their credit card or open a new credit card account with a retailer to get a financing deal. Regardless of how much credit and income you have available, credit card debt is usually considered a “bad debt.” Instead, you should explore options for personal loans that can get you the cash you need to take care of an immediate expense with less interest.    

How To Enhance The Workplace To Improve Morale

2020 is the year of change and challenges. Whether people expected it or not, this point in time has become about reinventing life and accepting new norms. 

Companies have the chance to explore new avenues and reinvent policies, focusing on enhancing not only work ethic but also happiness. 

With that in mind, then, how much does the office environment impact staff productivity? It's possible that it could have significant impact on output. 

Photo by fauxels from Pexels