Sunday, September 24, 2017

Svelt'i: Loving Yourself Through The Right Health Care

I have always believed in self-love and self-care. In this age, many people go around looking for health care that would fit their lifestyle - some would take on gyms, go organic and even taking in herbal supplements. Others believe that self-love or self-care would come through investing in skin care. 


OK, so we have heard about the saying "Beauty is only skin deep", but skin plays a major part in self-confidence. I recently spoke with a colleague who shared his journey towards clearer skin which he invested in a lot, because his confidence lowered due to his skin problems. But it's a hit and miss at times with skin care, what will work and do great for a some, leaves others clueless with what will work for them. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

TWB Mini's Review + Giveaway!

I am a super fan of anything compact, small, mini that just fit in my bag for my everyday needs. I was wonderfully excited how Tupperware Brands Philippines now has a mini product line for that lad or lass on-the-go!

I need products that fit into my pouch and nowadays I have resorted to bring along a small sling bag whenever I travel especially that I commute. Sometimes or more than often the products I need just don't fit into my pouch. :( 


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Orabella Gold In Beauty Whitening Products

August 5 marked the day where I was able to discover the Orabella Gold In Beauty whitening products. I was not so sure what to expect during the launch since the brand is fairly new to the market. 

Orabella Gold In Beauty

I never thought I would have had so much fun during a brand launch. The hosts were quirky, my seat mates were quirkier and Orabella was very generous with their products that the bloggers had a chance to try out their full sized products in the limited edition gold pouch!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ian Veneracion Endorses A Multi-vitamin Brand That he Believes In!

Like who doesn't know Ian Veneracion right? I was totally a fan during his That's Entertainment years and I looked forward to seeing his cute smile. I am so glad to find out that he only chooses and endorses products that he believes in. He was recently chosen to be the brand advocate for Conzace, the number one prescribed brand for multivitamin plus minerals by general practitioners and dermatologists in the country.

Ogilvy Unilab Conzace x Ian Veneracion17135_02

According to Conzace assistant product manager Mike Jimenez, he considers Ian Veneracion to be the perfect match for the brand since he is the epitome of superior immunity and good looks.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lessen Maintenance Drugs Cost and Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle with Grayns

Rice - can you live without it? As a Filipino may say, most likely not. That's why we have restaurants that offer unlimited rice meals and it's a definite staple that would be on every Filipino Family dinner table (plus lunch and sometimes snack!).

Technology has come a long way with making the simple tasks for a human more convenient and you just cannot do away without a rice cooker nowadays. How about a rice cooker that will cook your rice perfectly plus lessen starch? 

Grayns Philippines

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