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Affordable Korean Skincare with Althea A'Bloom

I am sorry if I am such an Althea die -hard fan, but can I seriously help it if their products are so good? After reviewing the delicious looking Meringue Puffs - I targeted to try out the skin care products that Althea released. 

The Althea A'Bloom skin care products consist of the A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster and the A'Bloom Fruit Mask Sheets. I have been too harsh on my skin the last few weeks due to commutes and riding my new ebike that I actually had a break out huhu. So, I am totally going to make it up to my facial skin and treat it to a gentle exfoliating black and white head removal as well as a mask sheet. 

Wear Make Up to fit your Undertone with All Day Wear Perfect Match Collection

Make up enhances beauty - if you know what products to use and if they are right for you. So, the question is, are you aware which make up is your perfect match? If not, then keep reading. 

I have been sharing my knowledge about make up and its application ever since I had a chance to learn when I still posed for photo shoots and I was able to get the best tips from several amazing make up artists, I was able to have the privilege to work with. Make up has definitely evolved from the time I was at my high when I was a semi pro model and nowadays with the boom of beauty guru's on social media, there are so many products to choose from. 

#ZeroWorries Life with the NEW Best Ever Joy!

Let all families rejoice since Joy, your most trusted dishwashing liquid introduces its new Best Ever Joy. This is the biggest innovation in its 10 years and this latest formula is proven to be the "best ever" at grease cleaning. This means you get to spend less time washing dishes and more time with your loved ones. 

One favorite activity of Filipino families is to eat together especially during special occasions, but those left over pots and pans, means more time to clean up after which could have been time to spend with their kids instead. 

A'Bloom Giant Meringue and Baby Puffs Review

Althea is on a roll! They have been releasing products under their brand since last year and I have been nothing but short of amazed! 

This was one of the A'Bloom products that I was really looking forward to - their Meringue Puffs in Giant and Baby sizes. Good blending sponges are hard to find, and the high end brands simply cost too much. Aside from the fact that the A'Bloom Sponges are too cute, another thing to consider was if they indeed did the job. 

I tested them out to make sure to give you a review, if it is worth it or not. 

John Lloyd Cruz Appears in After 2 Years In this Newest Endorsement, Is he finally Coming Back to the Limelight?

Ever since John Lloyd's hiatus from the show business industry back in 2017, we have recently been seeing photos of this matinee idol resurfacing.

The once effective endorser and most bankable actors of the Philippine cinema has proven again how much his loyal fans have been waiting for him to return. A few weeks ago, Turk's released a teaser video on Facebook, mostly showing shots of Cruz from the back and this has already been viewed 3.2M times, and with almost 800 shares. Fans assumed that it was him the teaser video and even actress Bea Alonzo posted a screenshot on her Instagram account. 

I Questioned Myself as a Parent After Watching The Movie Wonder

Okay, I am a cry baby for touching movies, I totally admit. I cry at any movie that I relate to, I even cried watching Avengers: Infinity War - I think it's because of the situations where you lose someone you love or fought for. 

If you have not watched the movie Wonder - as a parent, especially if you have a child with special needs, then this movie is a must watch for you. 

Wonder is based on the best selling novel from R.J Palacio.

How To Claim a PWD ID for Quezon City Residents

After getting diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, I decided to apply for the PWD (Persons With Disability) ID. With my condition, I knew that I needed all the help I could get especially with being on medication. 

My son has a PWD ID however at that time we applied through our Barangay Hall. To lessen the wait (which could take up to 2 weeks) we decided that my husband would go directly to Quezon City Hall since a friend said it would only take up to an hour to get the ID. 

Initially, I registered online and to be sure filled out the form Registry Form v2.0 (newest) however when my husband got to the venue - my online transaction number was not considered then the form we had was not valid and he was told that he needed to fill out a "new" one. 

So here is what you need to do, to get a PWD ID for Quezon City Residents: