Sunday, May 21, 2017

Join and Experience A Dreamtopia Journey With Barbie!

Your little lasses will squeal with delight with Barbie as they are taken through an enchanting world of play in a world full of rainbow mermaids, sparkle princesses, and magical "unicones"!

This May 27 to 28, Richprime Global Inc in partnership with Toy Kingdom present Barbie Dreamtopia Journey at the Main Mall Atrium of SM Mall of Asia.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Save Money, Be Healthy with Uni-Pak Mackerel

Will you agree with me that planning the menu for the day is a challenge? Then you find yourself going through the same menu every week.With my jam-packed life, I am keenly on the look out for new dishes for our family to have, that are to easy to prepare with ingredients which are not hard to find.

Uni-Pak Mackerel

I thought I knew a lot of recipes, then I discovered that Mackerel can be cooked in many ways aside from the regular gisa with misua.Now, I have a new favorite and that is Uni-Pak Mackerel, whoever thought that this canned fish could be so versatile?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Review Of Euky Bear's Sniffly Nose Room Spray + Give-away

You are prepping the kid's room before they sleep, so you fluff the pillows, make pag-pag the bed to free of dust, then you think of spraying the bed with alcohol to disinfect, then since you want them to sleep well, you try to think of a way to make the room smell comfy and then probably use their cologne instead but does it work?

Euky Bear

Take a breather and think of a product that can serve as an anti-bac for the bed covers and surfaces, then at the same time serve as an aromatherapy solution to promote comfort and soothe them to sleep. Is there such a thing? A BIG YES!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich ; A Pocket Full of Summer Fun!

I am good for lunch as long as I have a sandwich. But sometimes, I forget to make one or I just don't have a sandwich bag in stock - super bummer.

So how nifty it was of Gardenia Philippines to come out with the Gardenia Pocket Sandwich.

Gardeina Pocket Sandwich

Monday, March 20, 2017

Power Dressing Basics from The Winning Image Workshop + Give-away!

It's 7:54AM and I am already out of the house to catch a ride to Ortigas, I like the thought of leaving early especially if I still need to look for the venue. Traffic was amazingly free flowing for Pasig and the sun was not too warm yet. I am a commuter and I am mostly fond of riding Jeepneys, the MRT or the the LRT to needed destinations especially if I am going solo.

I decided to wear a pair of dark denims, with a black racer back top and cardigan, I capped off the look with a my favorite pair of gray boots. My make was light with a nude lippie and my hair was slightly curled with a lot of body. 


I was off to a Personality Development Workshop titled "The Winning Image". When I told my Senior Manager, that I "needed" to take a leave so I could attend, he chuckled and said jokingly "You're not going to pass it anyway..." That was my point, even I didn't think I could be good at it, that's why I so much wanted to attend. I have always believed that there is always room to learn and I wanted to feel confident in everything I do.

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