Saturday, October 20, 2018

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Common problem with those that have oily skin are blackheads and no one likes the unsightly look especially on your nose. With our humid weather and pollution, it’s even harder to battle blackheads these days.

Black Heads Removal

So, what can you do to remove and prevent them? Read on.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Convergys Story: Never Stop Learning

I first saw a Convergys Billboard along SLEX when I was in my 20's (way long ago) and I had not joined the BPO industry back then since the requirements were pretty high. I was still working in the retail industry as a sales lady for a Clothing Boutique in a Mall. 

I told myself, that I would want to work for Convergys one day. Fast forward to a few years when I finally got the guts to apply as an agent for an International BPO and still did not get the chance to join Convergys since there was not a site near me then. 

A few years forward, there smack in the front of the building I was working in at the time, the newest building in Eastwood City, was MDC 100 - the new home of Convergys.

My Convergys Story

The Elite Aerial Arts Experience | Week 1 Review

I have been extra excited to post this since I have always been wanting to try Pole dancing once more. I honestly have been absolutely lazy about working out even though how many times that I have promised myself that I would. 

My husband has always been encouraging me but I swear I find it so hard to get off my completely lazy ass since I work such a stressful job during the week - then opportunity knocked and I was off my rocker with excitement. 

Aerial Hoop

Saturday, October 6, 2018

As a Mom, Gaano Ka Katibay?

I think that world is a better place because of mothers, you cannot deny the fact that your life has mainly been molded with the love that a mother can bring - and mothers come in all different forms, single, married, widowed, young and old. 

That motherly instinct is irreplaceable and cannot be found anywhere else. Just as seen in the latest Orocan 35th Year Anniversary Video where we see two types of motherly love - a mother to her own kids and a woman who loves just like a mother. 

Some sun andvitamin sea

Sunday, September 30, 2018

5 Anti - Aging Tips for the Busy Mom

Whenever I share my age, I mostly get the comment that I look younger and I am super flattered – I was wondering though, what is keeping me looking young? Although I know that most of my dear lasses are young looking, some may still want to know what secrets I have up my sleeve to keep looking younger than my age.

So, here’s debunking to the myths – I do not follow a strict healthy diet, I do not exercise regularly, I don’t get to visit a Derma Clinic monthly and I am not taking vitamins (so bad of me).

Anti-aging tips

My schedule is pretty erratic, so time saving techniques is something I rely on much – and I will share what I do so far which keeps my skin and my body still looking young. Here’s my anti-aging list for you:

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