Monday, May 21, 2018

Erceflora Probibears | Protecting your child's Tummy has never been this Yummy!

Tummy problems in kids? I hate it when I hear from my little lass that her tummy hurts or when my little lad seems to be constipated - it's even worse when they experience diarrhea.

My always go to OTC relief would be Erceflora and I am sure as a mom you would be using the same product too, right?

We hear about Probiotics constantly and this helps ease the child's digestive disorders and can even help make potty training manageable.

Erceflora Probibears

Plumcare DNA Advisor | Take Charge of Your Family's Health

What if you can detect a disease or illness before it happens? That would allow you to adjust your lifestyle and habits and may even extend your life longer.

Imagine that technology now and you get the opportunity to take charge of not only your but of your family's health too. Using DNA samples from adults and children above 6 years old using a saliva tube from the collection kit (children younger than 6 will be taken samples by using a swab sponge), these test specimens are sent to a high-quality and reliable genetic testing laboratory in the US. The test is designed for families of 3 (Trio Test) and more and relies only on the best cutting edge technology.

Plumcare DNA Advisor

Spark Your Child's Creativity with Cheeseventions & Get the Chance to Win 10,000Php!

Why does your kid need creativity and why should we as parents help them build that trait? Because it's not just about being great in art but it also helps develop them mentally, socially and emotionally.

As a mom, I always want to give my little lass the chance to be creative and last May 8, 2018 in SM Megamall - I had the opportunity to help my little lass to foster the creativeness in her by attending the #Cheeseventions Demo and Workshop by Chef DJ Santos along with celebrity Mommy and daughter Bettina and Gummy Carlos.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Part 2: IPL for Dummies | An Honest Review of the Dermclinic Nulight Treatment

Like I said with my previous post about the service, I had another appointment with Dermclinic and this time it was a full leg treatment.

I was honestly excited, I mean for a woman like me - who does not want hairless legs unless I want to walk around like a Orangutan with shorts. I failed a few times to get it started because I did not prep my skin the right way. 

Dermclinic Nulight Treatment

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Take these 5 Tips to Be Summer Ready with Tupperware Brands Philippines!

Are you feeling this weather? It's been absolutely hot recently and humid at the same time. The sun has been extra hot and really shining out in all it's glory.

As a woman, you need to protect yourself and make sure that your skin is ready for this heat. I'm a daily commuter and the last thing you want to be less prepared. 

5 Tips to Be Summer Ready

I have the perfect essentials for you with the help of Tupperware Brands Philippines to make sure you are ready for the Philippine's summer. 

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