Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dermclinic | 3Face Treatment Review

Most often we neglect the importance of facial skin care and it really does more harm than good. I found out recently that my facial skin was starting to form Melasma which irked me and I suddenly understood the need for sunblock at ALL times - even when you cook.

Now, I honestly believe in the need to invest in facial skin care now that I am in my 40's. Perfect timing that Dermclinic provided me the chance to try their 3Face Treatment. I usually get nervous with facial treatments with 3 things: pain, time and reaction of my skin. I felt a little anxious but I so wanted to know why Dermclinic's 3Face Treatment was their bestseller.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tupperware Brands Philippines Justice League Collection Review + Give-away!

I am super excited whenever I receive products from Tupperware Brands Philippines, because it also means that my dear lads and lasses will get a chance to win items too!

I was waiting for this collection to arrive since I was super excited to try the mist and lipsticks, packaging alone is super gorgeous. I took my time to try the products making sure that not only do they look good but also deliver like a super hero would.


The Tupperware Brands Philippines Justice League collection was launched in their October 2017 catalog. From the collection, of course I tested the lipsticks first and swatched them haha! Then I asked my hubhub to try the men's body mist while I took the women's body mist for a whirl. My daughter was excited to try the hand sanitizer and of course leave the body scub plus lotion for the mama.

Monday, October 30, 2017

My 5 Secret Tips to a Long and Lasting Relationship with My Hubhub get two different reactions when this word is uttered - it's either "Awwwwww..." or "Urrrggghhh". Some enjoy marriage and then we see some complaining that it's a pain.

An actual marriage is a combination of the two. You will get the dose of your Aww's and Urgh's. What's the best way to keep that relationship long and lasting? Read on so I can share with you a few of my secrets (and the hubhub's of course!).


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Looking for Wigs? Check Out Black Hairspray

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

In this beauty age, aside from make-up products that deliver, I also have seen on Instagram the rave of wigs on beauty bloggers. Wigs are now a staple for beauty needs because there are days when your hair is just not the look you are going for.

I was so happy to see the website of – it’s a website where convenience is the key and they have such a wide range of products: wigs, front lace wigs, ponytails, braids and even beauty supplies from top brands!

Black Hairspray

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

BioCair Disinfectant Spray Review + Give-away!

We can never just be too careful with germs and bacteria nowadays. Getting sick from passed on germs is pretty common and it's really hard to make sure that all your surroundings are clean. 

Usually your first line of defense when you are out is hand sanitizer or an alcohol spray, which most likely will have scents and some may have irritants.


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