Wednesday, July 19, 2017

4 Ways on How to Use Cheers Table Napkins for Your Everyday Needs

I honestly cannot live without paper towels at home. My kids make mess and spills as though it’s normal – like I cannot think of a day without a spill “accident”. 

Why do not I use rags instead? Well, it’s unhygienic once you use it for anything wet unless you wash it right away plus did you know that rags are unhealthy for the environment? Aha! Just taught you something new – rags are made of fabric and for cloth to decompose (if not pure cotton) it could take up from 30 to 40 years in total!


Paper towels decompose around 2-4 weeks – more environment friendly, right? But, I guess now the question is aside from spills, what else are paper towels good for? Let me share from experience, how I use Paper towels for my everyday needs. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Escape to London with Nailaholics Nail Salon!

I grew up in London and I know how beautiful the city is, one of my most fondest memories is going to Hyde Park with the family during the summer - the same park where I got to watch my first concert with the famous Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti performed - such a wonderful experience.

I left for the Philippines for good when I was 15 and I still have such great memories with school and the city itself. 

Escape To London

Wanna See My Little Pony and Transformer's Live in Your Room?

I am not kidding you with that question! Digital technology has come a long way and there are so many ways to keep your kids entertained. If you are a book advocate like myself, then you are wanting most likely to control the tablet or computer time and try to have the kids to stick to books.

But what if you could combine both? Like at the same time? Are you nodding your head right now? Hihi. It's so possible because Scholastic has come up with Augmented Reality Books which combines a computer generated image with the real world.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich: Your Quick Baon Answer For the Busy Mom!

Moms nowadays are so busy by looking after the kids and sometimes like me, still need to work. An empowered mom would know that Mom actually stands for "Master Of Making-things-work-out" - because every mom would always have a multi-tasking job but towards the end of the day the mom would always have the role of being: loving, caring and giving.


This school year, time really flies fast - you wake up the kids, prepare breakfast, put it on the table, get them through their bath and the next thing you know time is up and they need to be out the door to school. Not only moms go through this but also the husband's at time, my husband is also one of them who helps to get our little lass ready for her school day. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Suncelle by Tupperwear Brands PH | Your line for Sun Defense - even when it rains!

This weather.... super hot like it's like you are in the middle of the dessert and the humidity is unbelievable! Imagine how icky you feel when you are off to do your errands or you need to get to an appointment or  worse - you are commuting your way to work. 

But did you know that your skin is exposed to UV rays everyday rain or shine? Yup, you also get exposed to UV rays when cooking and using the computer.

Suncelle By Tupperware Brands PH

That Sun, whether rain or shine, is the main source of UV rays and can seriously damage your skin. We honestly and usually don't know what sun damage is like, most rely on the what we see like sun burned skin with peeling. But what damage can the sun cause? 

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