Review| Gingerbon Sweets: The Healthier Candy for Adults!

My voice is my gold mine. I need it to work and to be able to function at my job efficiently. I mean, I do train, teach and educate call center employees for a living.

And if you happen to work for the BPO industry, like myself, I am pretty much sure you can relate.


I'm pretty guilty of not taking care of my voice much, especially when I junk on coffee and chocolate over water which keeps me awake but then I should expect a sore throat on the way.

Back in the day when I sang for the church choir in Cabuyao City, before a concert we would drink "salabat" which is a Ginger broth, simply by boiling peeled Ginger in water. I love the soothing effect it had and I felt pretty energized after my warm cup.

I'm pretty lazy with having to boil Ginger nowadays, so I am happy that Gingerbon Ginger Sweets has come to the rescue to provide me the same benefits within a healthy, chewy candy.


It's a first in the Philippines. What I was happy to know is that it also provides other benefits as well.

Soft and Chewy!

Ginger has it's many benefits and that includes, helps to alleviate motion and morning sickness, helps to expedite blood circulation, it also serves as an anti-oxidant, relieves headaches, colds and coughs.
Gingerbon Ginger Sweets is not only great for your voice but it could also help ease those days of morning sickness while you are pregnant - in a healthy way too!

Expiration date is clearly seen. :)

This is definitely one candy to keep to maintain a great voice.

What I liked:
  • Effectiveness. The Extra Strong Gigerbon variant provided me the feeling of taking a medical lozenge without the medicine.
  • Taste. There definitely was the natural taste of Ginger.
  • Packaging. I loved the foil packaging which was easy to tear open and it surely maintained it's freshness.
  • Ingredients.  Simple and there were no preservatives listed
  • Price. Totally affordable with 125 grams at 35PHP and 20 grams at 8PHP!

What Could Have Been Better:
  • Sugar content. I am trying to maintain my sugar level, so I hope they get to product something with less sugar.
I still suggest that if you are maintaining sugar and cholesterol levels that you should eat these in moderation.


Gingerbon Ginger Sweets are distributed by ADPI Corporation and can be bought in stores nationwide. I usually find a pack in Mercury Drug Store.

I was provided with the samples of Gingerbon for the subject of this review through AMPR. This review is my own opinion and based on my personal experience with the product.


  1. My office-mate introduced me this candy.. Because she noticed me that I'm always having a dry cough. When I started eating this Gingerbon, then PPOOOOFF!! My cough slowly stopped and the itchiness of my throat gone! I definitely need this candy for my daily routine, because I'm also a working in the BPO industry. And during my day off I usually do karaoke.. Because I love singing!!! heeheheh.. Thanks Gingerbon !!

  2. Fell on love with these sweet on the Philippines this year, so nice and great taste, great work

  3. Ok po ba ito para sa may hyper acidity at ulcer

  4. Napakaadvantage ng product na yan mamanees hindi lang mapapangalagaan natin ang ating boses healthy din sya kasi gawa sa ginger..San po nabibili to???

  5. Bumili po ako sa Shopee nga 6 packs, thank you so much may gingerbon sa Shopee since 2019 pa ako nag hanap ng ginger na candy for My nausea and vomiting.

  6. Ilan po ba ang pwedi e take daily?