Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review | I Wish They Taught Money In High School

I have relied on books ever since I can remember. When the Internet was not yet invented, I had the use of the full edition of Encyclopedia's at home instead of Wikipedia and a large Atlas book instead of Google Maps.

Even with the accessibility of the Internet I still turn towards books, like when I was going through my pregnancy with the princess my best friend was What To Expect When Expecting. I will never doubt the use of a good paperback.

I was lucky enough to be included with those to do a book review on I Wish They Taught Me Money In High School. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical thinking that this could be one of those books that promise to make an impact but leave you looking for more info, I just finished reading and boy was I wrong!

You know you've been there, scrummaging through all that you can to get to the secret of being rich and yet you are still stuck where you are, employed and living with every penny earned. If this sounds familiar then this is the book for you.

I have been an employee since 2001 and have never been able to save up nor actually put up a legitimate business that works for me. This book has opened up a new perspective for me when it comes to money. It gives you a fresh insight on the financial jargons you never used to understand. 

My husband and I also tried the app 'Cash Flow 101' which taught and challenged you how to create a passive income, this allowed us to understand the books concept more.
The special thing here is that you actually get a two-sided book, one side: I Wish They Taught Me Money In High School so I'm Not Dependent on My Pay Check by Clarissa Serina - De La Paz, written by Katherine Tiuseco.

The other side is I Wish They Taught Me Money In High School So I Could Start My Business Right Away by Sharon W. Que, Edited by Katherine Tiuseco.

The first book book will teach you how to make your money work for you in ways you never thought it could, but in a realistic manner. It provides you options and allows you to think about budgeting the right way, spending the right way and surprisingly having debt in the right way.

The second book opens your eyes to entrepreneurship. Things to consider before you jump on to the band wagon of entrepreneurs. It gives you a bird's eye view on what to expect when starting up and staying in the business.

Both books are complimentary to each other since when we talk about investing money, starting up a business of course is the next thought.

The book also made me feel like some of the ways were as similar to The Secret and the law of attraction. For those like I, who are a follower of the law of attraction wouldn't be bothered but actually pretty happy to read that it does work and this is another testimonial to prove so.

I was really happy to come across this book and very lucky to have read it. I am not going to share everything that you can find in this book since you need to read it for yourselves to see it's awesomeness but what I can tell you is that it has changed the way I see money and how it should be handled.

I have already started on putting away "passive" income since I was very inspired by this book. 

For the price of the book, let me assure you, this will be money put into a very worthy investment.

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  1. This is so interesting! Will def buy it on...well...payday! :)

    1. Thanks Ana! You will not regret buying this. Our whole budget plans have changed and we are now enjoying it's benefits. :)

  2. I'm a believer of the law of attraction as well. From your review, it sounds very interesting. I like that it's 2-sided too so the reader need not stop at just saving, but continue towards investing.

    1. Ever since my husband, who I was just dating back then, introduced to The Secret, I was totally hooked on its concept.

      Thank you Kim! This book is definitely a worthy read. :)

  3. checking out the website. thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Yey! I love this book and I hope you will get the chance to read it too. Thank you May!

  4. I love how this book has two topics in one. Wow! I wanna be a mompreneur someday, I hope it works out for me too

    1. Give it a go Camille! This book will definitely help you out to start up and manage your business properly and effectively. :)

  5. Thank You Mamanee ;) I hope to meet you soon :) xoxo

  6. Hi ladies.. yes pls grab a copy of our book :) We're in National Bookstore, Fully Booked and Powerbooks... Cheers!!!! Happy Reading.. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Sharon for dropping by. It's such a pleasure to have you leave a comment on my post. I really hope to meet you!


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