Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mamanee Goes to Barbie Dreamtopia at the Venice Grand Mall

It was a drizzly day and I was thinking if it would be a good idea to commute along with the Christmas rush crowd to the Venice Grand Canal Mall. I have never had the chance to roam around the Venice Grand Canal Mall and it's famous man-made river where gondola's were seen. 

I then had a bright idea to take along the little lad and the hubhub along to also squeeze in some family time since my goal for the incoming year was to take the little lad out more often. 


We decided to take a cab since traffic looked promising and the weather was so-so. I decided not to tell the little lass where we were going for she has this tendency to be very inquisitive. When we got off the cab she saw the banner and the rest you know probably know what happened. 

Barbie Dreamtopia

Her excitement was immediate and she just squealed while we approached the Venice Piazza where Barbie Dreamtopia was set up. After a quick bite with the hubhub and little lad, the little lass and I went off to play the games and activities. 

Our first stop was the Barbie and Chelsea Cafe where little girls could decorate cupcakes with icing and toppings. 


We also tried out the Bubble Chase, where I popped the balloon (the little lass is scared of balloon popping HAHA) and then she gave the rainbow hoops a go and aced it! 


The highlight of the day was definitely the Pink Runway Fashion show and the Meet-and-Greet with Barbie and Chelsea. 

At first, I was hesitant for my little lass to join seeing how all the other participants had prepared but then I thought - why not? Let her have fun and give it a go! She actually made it to the Top 10! weeee and I was mighty proud of that achievement. 




The Meet-and-Greet with Barbie and Chelsea really capped off the event in such a magical way - they sang and danced with the little girls and the grins on the parents faces showed how everyone (well more of the moms) was transported back to their childhood where they once held their precious Barbie's - I sure did. 



You can watch the highlights here:

We cannot thank you enough Richprime Global Inc. and Barbie Philippines for inviting and having us to experience the magical journey!

This event is brought to you by Richprime Global Incorporate and Barbie Philippines.

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  1. Really Magical Mamanee.
    And what makes it super magical, seeing our little one having fun..
    My little girl’s one of her favorite too - Playing Barbie


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