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Since I have ventured into creating Junk Journals and proclaimed myself as an artist (because it takes tons of creativity to think on design and execution), it's been an amazing blessings - not specifically financially but more for my mental health. Whenever I am overwhelmed, I turn to a junk journal and curate my anxiety away. 

What is A Junk Journal?

Since the pandemic hit, a lot of people started to look around for hobbies that could pass the time and keep them sane while confined in their homes as we were restricted to leave our homes freely. Others found love in growing plants, brewing their own coffee, and journaling (I have done all of these). 

We saw a rise in the journaling community especially when mental health issues started to rise and there was a need to find a quick escape from the world and to express emotions. I found a lot of solitude in this community and a lot of shopping "needs" - there were junk journal kits, delicate stamps (that could seemingly represent on how you should pay off your bills), Washi tapes, sticker flakes and I could go on. 

Image by Anna Dyshel from Pixabay

I was fond enough to develop a couple of friendships through this new found hobby and I could never forget seeing the posts of Amaris Journals - I instantly became a fan because her style was unique and every piece she made was surely art. Her Instagram feed is like a treasure trove of vintage art that just brings your back in time of the Victorian and Regency Era. That excitement of going through something vintage just really takes my roots of being British (at heart). 

With her influence, I learned about Junk Journals, which is also popularly known as Scrap Books - what was amazing about it, is that there is a whole world of art in Junk Journaling and endless possibilities in themes. After watching a couple of YouTube videos and exploring the wonderful Facebook Group: Junk Journal Central - I decided to embark on an adventure of making my own Junk Journal. 

My first was a mini sized - whatever goes theme (in other words there was no theme) and I stuck to colors that were muted, I used scraps and any available material I had on hand. Surprisingly, I completed my first ever project in 1 day. Now, I wanted to see if my creation would spark interest, so I dared to offer to sell it and I was surprised with the many that were interested. 

This led to customized orders and I initially had my heart set to making only those in Mini or Passport size but then there was a request for a full sized Harry Potter theme and I just could not pass up on the opportunity as I was a closet Harry Potter fan. After this project, my calendar started to get filled out with various themes and happy challenges. 

I have now fell down the rabbit hole of making Junk Journals but my heart is happy every time. 

Now, let me answer your question - What is a Junk Journal? Basically, from the word "Junk", it is a journal where you collect your most valuable junk. If you ever had a scrapbook, you would stick all your memorabilia and valuable photos, sometimes write a note to remind you why that memorabilia is so significant. 

In general, a Junk Journal should be made with available materials that you would usually see lying around your home, like magazines, newspaper, cereal boxes, receipts, paper bags any other material that can make up pages and a cover. 

The beauty of creating a Junk Journal is that there are NO RULES, but I have seen others being a little sensitive towards Junk Journals being created from digital prints found on Etsy, but again this is entirely up to you as sometimes the digital prints allow you to create a cohesive them like a Beekeeper's theme, a Fairytale theme, a Witch theme and so on. 

Do not be intimidated about starting a Junk Journal as this is not about perfection but bringing joy to the love of crafting. I have met a couple of clients that only have the Junk Journal as something to look at versus actually writing in it. 

I'll share more about this craft that I have grown to love in this blog soon. :) 

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SM Supermalls Welcomes You Into A New Era of change

The honest truth: No one came out of the COVID-19 pandemic in quite the same way. The pandemic was an isolating period of self-discovery, emotional growth, and life-altering realizations. It changed people, and in the process, it shaped the way so many of us view ourselves and the world around us.

I know that the pandemic has also been a very big influence with the way I make decisions now and it has changed a lot in my life.

Because of this, consumer tastes and behaviors have shifted. Where in a pre-pandemic world, people often spent on luxuries and experiences that allowed them to celebrate their accomplishments, studies show that consumers now want a different experience, one that is kinder and more embracing of the changes that each individual had gone through in the past 2 years. People are now prioritizing their personal wellness and supporting products and services that champion growth.

How To Keep A Clear Head When Buying A Car

When purchasing a vehicle, regardless of whether it is a car, a van, or a motorcycle, it is common to struggle between your rational mind and your emotional side. Your heart yearns for that completely impractical yet sporty little object, or that automobile, which makes you feel good about yourself. The one that causes others to stop what they are doing and exclaim "wow," is the one that says a lot about who you are as an individual. The one that causes your pulse to quicken each and every time you get into it. 

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

On the other hand, the head tends to think somewhat more rationally. It is aware of the fact that you need a vehicle, but it is also aware that you have bills that need to be paid, that you need to be able to use the vehicle for a purpose, and that you cannot afford the hassle and cost of purchasing something that, even though it looks amazing, just isn't the right one for you. The following advice will assist you in maintaining your composure when it comes to the purchase of a motor vehicle.

Sharp Philippines Announced the First Sharp Brand Ambassador 2022

In celebration of its 40th year Anniversary, Sharp Philippines launched an online contest announced last October 2021 wherein contestants went through a series of online tasks from posting photos and creating videos using their Sharp products. Sharp received numerous participants and through the course of the competition, it was narrowed down to Top 40 semi-finalists.

Grand Sharp Brand Ambassador Winner 2022, Joana Mesyl Saligumba

Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex: A sterling landmark of disaster resilience

We all know that the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) is a popular destination for unforgettable gastronomic and recreational experiences, but did you know that the 67-hectare Mall of Asia Complex where MOA stands is engineered to withstand disasters caused by natural hazards?

The foundation of the Mall of Asia Complex was built to be safe and secure because SM Prime Holdings, Inc., one of Southeast Asia’s largest integrated property developers incorporates disaster resiliency measures in every project, with the MOA Complex as one of its biggest investments.

SM Prime collaborated with a team of local and international experts to ensure the feasibility of both water and land before the MOA complex was built and once finalized, Belgium’s renowned coastal development construction company, Jan de Nul, developed it from the ground up.

SM Supermalls joins the Metaverse with an AweSM SuperKids Zone in Roblox!

Do you have kids who are so into Roblox’s just like mine? Get ready for an aweSM summer as SM Supermalls gives kids a glimpse into the future with a brand-new virtual entertainment zone in the Metaverse where they can immerse themselves in the biggest gaming and social experience platform for kids, Roblox! 

This new aweSM space by SM Supermalls is now open for super kids to safely explore, play, and meet with friends. 

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With restrictions easing up, SM Supermalls wanted to bring the excitement of going back to the malls 

online through a virtual space in the metaverse gaming platform, Roblox – the most popular gaming

app for Filipino children. Roblox serves as an avenue for kids to express themselves through custom 

avatars, while also serving as a safe place for kids to reconnect with their friends digitally in over 4 million different worlds! 

SM Supermalls partnered with SVEN The Digital 1st Agency, as its metaverse partner, to become the first mall chain in the Philippines to enter the metaverse. With this simulated digital reality, kids can reimagine the mall experience in a way that they will appreciate and enjoy – a safe but free-to-play space with no rules and no limits:

Splash into the AweSM Super Pool!

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Bump it out with the SuperKids with the AweSM Bumper Cars!

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Get the best aerial views onboard the AweSM Ferris Wheel!

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Have a ball and jump into the colorful AweSM Glowing Ball Pit!

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Climb up the AweSM Rainbow Obby (obstacle course) and discover a secret maze on the rooftop – our favorite! 

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And there’s so much more! SuperKids of all ages are welcome to explore and do their own thing in the same fashion as a real-life mall experience, only this time it’s virtual and made especially for them.

What are you waiting for? Check it out and get your kids to play the AweSM SuperKids Zone at Roblox today! Roblox is available online or via the app that you can download for free through the App Store or Google Play.

For more information on the AweSM SuperKids Zone in Roblox, visit www.smsupermalls.com or like and follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms.