A Long Distance Affair

Back in the olden days, communication from one person to another would be as much as a written note, now imagine if you weren't living in the same town. The mighty snail mail was your best bet, then penpals were born.

Thank God for technology, communication is merely a text message away.

I have a relationship which is bounded by SMS, my dear friend Lorraine. We have been in a long distance friendship since the beginning of our first pregnancy. we have cried together, laughed together and even ranted together all through SMS.

I really believe that she might be my long lost twin from another dimension. Both our pregnancies have been almost synchronized being it 2 months apart each. Again for both pregnancies.

I am truly happy to have found her as a friend, now if we could only at least share a foot spa together.. that would do so much wonders.

Lorraine & I

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