Breastfeeding Station @Eastwood City Mall

Back in the day and in distant tribes, their wouldn't be such a fuss about your boobs hanging out. But since we live in a domesticated environment, showing your boob in public wouldn't be so advisable - so we now we come to the issue on breastfeeding in public.

Remember that controversial Time Magazine cover about breastfeeding a 5 year old, which spurred so much controversy, which I really don't understand since breast feeding is natural and purely the birth mother's prerogative  I believe in the wonders of breastfeeding for both mother and child. 

I love breastfeeding, and I still do to my youngest who is now 7 months old, unfortunately for my daughter, I wasn't able to long enough since I returned to work a few months after giving birth to her. So now as much as possible I breastfeed whenever I can. Since I'm lazy to pump or actually I don;t have a good pump (can't afford), usually when we go out I bring a bottle and some formula to feed Calel.

Not all malls have a breastfeeding area, I've only seen two so far. SM Marikina (which seems to be always closed and in a very public area near a food court) and in Eastwood City Mall in Libis. We went trick or treating in Eastwood last Halloween and I didn't expect that we would end up staying the whole afternoon and I happened to run out of formula. 

Since we were using elevators to get around the mall on it's different floors next to their elevators on the 2nd floor was a door and signage pointing to a Breastfeeding Station. Imagine my delight. I was a little skeptical since I didn't know what expect, I was pleasantly surprised entering the area. It was very simple and smelled fresh. Even Calel smiled when we entered. Lighting was also wonderful since it wasn't so bright and the material of the chairs were so comfy, I didn't actually want to leave. Another great thing, that it was actually open, unlike in SM Marikina which seems to be always with a CLOSED sign.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I had Calel in my arms and he was wiggling much. Basically, as you walk in this is the area, the curtains go around and cover the seating area so you are covered and these seats are soft!

Another thing there is a changing table also available right beside the door. 

I really loved the experience using Eastwood City Mall's Breastfeeding Area, I just really hoped that other malls would have the same.

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