How To Make Waffle Pops

Time is my gold. 2 little one don't really give my much especially that both are demanding. Taking a shower is definitely to be treasured even trying to wash dishes in between.

Then I found this awesome idea of waffle pops. Off to the supermarket I trotted to buy the ingredients to create a wonderful snack.

What I love about the waffle pops is that they are so easy to make, scrumptious and toddler approved. Just make sure to guide them since you have to use barbeque sticks.

So my dear fellow SAHM's and beautiful mothers, here you go:

1. All you need is waffle or pancake mix and hotdogs, you can even use cheese!

2. Slice the hotdogs like so:

3. Pour your waffle/pancake mix into a bowl:

4. Add water as the packet instructs:

5. Add an egg:

6. Mix together, I like using a whisk. Then set aside:

7.  Blanche the sliced hotdogs for 3 mins in boiling water:

8. Get some barbeque sticks:

9. Skew the hotdog slices:

10. Dip the skewed hotdog into your waffle/pancake batter:

11. Fry them in a deep pan of oil, over a medium- high flame:

12. They should come out looking like this:

Pretty awesome eh?

Looks like the little one is happy =)


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