SM Marikina's Bears Of Joy

Santa Claus gave kids gifts every Chirstmas without asking for anything in return, or maybe that's what I thought and was taught being a child and I have always loved giving. Christmas or not giving is wonderful and I love the feeling after. 

This afternoon while walking in the public market with the hubby. An old lady approached us and was asking for money. Honestly, I don't like giving money to those asking for alms, I prefer to give them a sandwich or a drink I had in my bag as a reserve for munchies and thirst while out. Hubby wanted to giver her Siomai since the stand was just next to us however the old lady refused since she said one order of Siomai would be equivalent to a kilo of rice.  

So we agreed to buy her rice and asked the old lady to follow us to the store. We bought her some bread and a kilo of rice. I was really happy to see the look of joy on her face. She thanked us and reminded us not to spank our kids hehe. Hubby and I walked away happy.  

Now, where am I going with this? The gift of giving... yup we didn't get something tangible in return for giving the old lady food but the joy in our hearts is priceless. 


However, at SM Marikina you get to give to charity and get something in return. One shopping day there, I urged Papatin (the Hubby) to donate at the Bears of Joy Booth. P100 got us two bears one for the charity and one to take home. Made my daughter so happy to bring home a new friend. 

My daughter Dumpling and I, hanging a bear for Bears Of Joy on the tree.

For a hundred pesos, that's a gift you can't resist.

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  1. Awww. That's sweet. Dumpling you're a big girl na. Advance Happy Birthday! Love you.