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This morning I came across this post by The Tattooed Parents Page on Facebook:

 I then realized that it definitely was true for my life.

I have been inked thrice and each has a very deep meaning in my life. I still plan to get another one soon [hopefully].

My first tattoo was something I had planned for months but got it unplanned. 
I saw these pair of wings online and just asked the artist to add a halo. 
This tattoo was dedicated to my late son who died of Leukemia in 2005. 

My second tattoo was was again for a loss. My husband [back then we weren't married yet] and I in 2008 found out I was pregnant but then lost the baby at 6 weeks. I was traumatized and depressed.
 We decided to get matching tattoos for the baby we lost who we already named Chaiden.
 The tattoo is a Gaelic symbol for the circle of life and death. 

The third tattoo was because of a gain and happiness. 
After all the sadness and loss, 
God gave me a chance to redeem myself as a mother and granted me 2 beautiful kids. 
I dedicated my tattoo of Kiki and Lala, The Little Twin Stars of Sanrio Characters.
I am fondly reminded of my late Grandma when I see these characters since she introduced me to them when I was a child and now I have kids of my own, my own Kiki and Lala in Dumpling and Calel.

The fourth I'm planning to get is dedicated to myself for coming this far and enduring all the hardships and pain to gain the happiness I have today.

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