Toddlers and Speech

Looking through the internet, it states that your child should be able to say a few words by 18 months then gradually start talking by 2 years old.

In my daughter's case the only word so far that she has uttered is "Mama". Yes, like any other parent I am paranoid that it might be a speech delay. She can understand instructions and responds well to what we say. 

I somehow find her babble a little cute, it's like she has her own language and I'm learning it.

So when should you be concerned? As per you can look out for the following:

•12 to 18 months
Your child isn't saying any words by 12 months (including "mama" or "dada"), didn't babble before his first birthday, is unable to point to things, doesn't respond to others or his name, or you still can't understand a word he's saying by 18 months.

•19 to 24 months
Your child rarely attempts to speak or imitate others and doesn't seem to get frustrated when you can't understand what she wants.

•25 to 36 months
Your child doesn't know what to do with everyday objects, doesn't understand simple instructions, doesn't use two-word phrases by 30 months, doesn’t ask questions, can't pronounce vowels or be understood half the time by someone who doesn't know him by the time he's 3, or loses skills he once had.

Always remember that baby talk is a no-no, always talk with complete sentences and bepatient. I have a feeling that when Dumpling starts talking, I'll start having to find a way to quiet her down. ☺
Anyhow, he's a video of my darling Dumpling babbling at her best:

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