BDJ Box Beauty Social Event

I remember as a little girl, I would sneek into my Mum's bedroom, go to her dresser and play with her make-up. Growing up as a teenager, I recall that  my Mum's make-up brand would be Max Factor and my older sister would use Clinque. 

I was exposed early to the wonders of make-up and started as early as 13 years old. 

At my age, working and with two kids, I still feel that looking good is one of my priorities, and when a very good friend of mine, who also happens to a blogger invited me to register for the BDJ Box Beauty social event, I jumped at the chance! 

The event was packed with educational beauty talks and booths of big brands like, Covergirl, Garnier, Shisheido, Max Factor and a lot more. 

Thank God I was able to meet the pre-registration deadline and received an invite for the Max Factor talk. Was excited about it for the whole week.

Off to Skydome at SM North we went with my beauty geek buddy Ana. Registration was a breeze since all we needed was to confirm our name on their list and we were given a map and stubs for the photobooth and loot bag (whopee!).

One of the first booths we visited was Too Cool For School, so much fun since they had a game called Yutnori where you could win samples and also get your photo taken for free ( I won 4 samples!) and they also allowed your photo to be taken for free at their photo booth. I really loved their line of cosmetics including their 3-in-1 paint which you can use for the lips, cheeks and eyes.

We also visited the Bifesta booth which have products for hair and facial care. I was able to loot two samples of their amazing facial wipes.

Bifesta's booth asks you to like their page and sign up for newsletters then you get to pick a prize.

Ralph Lauren was another great boot to allow you to sample their fragrances and get a freebie!

Yup, we got pretty happy with the cute surf boards.

I really enjoyed, and I believe my dear Ana too, the Covergirl booth. There was a testing area for their new line of cosmetics that is infused with Olay, correct! Olay the skin care brand. We loved each and highlighting their new pressed powder with Olay which did so much for us.

And of course what we looking forward to was the beauty talk with Bobby Carlos of Max Factor where he was promoting  Max Factor's CC (Color Correcting) Cream. 

We learned so much about applying make up, picking the right shade and do's and dont's of using cosmetics. We particularly loved what Bobby said, "Make-up is a personal thing, the question is when you wear it, does it make you comfortable? If it does, regardless if you're wearing green lipstick, gray foundation or purple eyeshadow, if carry mo eh walang pakialaman ng trip!" Made me come out of that talk more confident than ever.

We ended our day at the event with the free refreshing drinks served by Garnier.

I was really happy and satisfied with BDJ Box's beauty social and I can't wait to attend the next! First time that I have left an event smelling good, feeling fresh, with a smile on my face feeling very satisfied. 

Oh yeah, did I mention that we also received an awesome loot bag?? Well, I'm blogging that next. *wink wink*.

Thank you BDJ Box and Congratulations on a highly successful event!

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  1. We're complete opposites! I wasn't too into cosmetics, more on perfume and lotion, when I was younger. Now, obviously have to wear a little when going to events and meetings, but usually I go bare because I have very sensitive skin. You're lucky! :D

  2. Gosh, I wish I know how to put make up on! Lol. I have no skill whatsoever with this. All I have with me is a lipstick, a cheek tint and loose powder. :))

  3. Gosh, I wish I know how to put make up on! Lol. I have no skill whatsoever with this. All I have with me is a lipstick, a cheek tint and loose powder. :))