Event: Breeze Sigeland 3

Another much awaited event was the Breeze Sigeland Part 3 which was held at The Activity Center of Robinson's Galleria  in Otigas, Pasig City. 

Like the previous Sigeland events it aims to give away Free toys in the exchange of  the parents pledges to their child and with the slogan "Sige Sa Mantsa!", Breeze's advocacy is to allow your kids to play even if there is the chance by getting stains on their clothes. 

My daughter and I got there as early as 1130AM and with the news about the success of Sigeland in SM Mall of Asia, I was so excited, my daughter on the other hand had no idea what was going on.

We made sure first that we purchased the 700g pack of Breeze for only Php97+ at Robinson's Supermarket as the prerequisite to enter into Breeze Sigeland. Then we placed ourselves at the end of line where a number of parent and kids were eagerly awaiting.

While waiting there was an activity area where you could get you photo taken at the photobooth, bouncing castles for the kids and the chance to shoot some hoops. There were also chances to win gift packs from Breeze by joining in the 'Bring Me' games and the for kid that could say 'Sige Sa Mantsaaaaaaaa' the longest.

A few hours into the event, Ms. Dawn Zulueta appeared and did a meet and greet with the winners from the Like and Share Facebook contest and for the members of her fan clubs. I unfortunately was unable to get a shot of her. :( I also see her as a perfect endorser of The Breeze advocacy of Sige Sa Mantsa since she is a Sige Mom herself. Being a Sige Mom is allowing and not limiting your kids to play even with the chance of getting dirty so that they can discover their confidence, become creative and learn sportsmanship.

We finally got to the registration area, and my daughter was patient enough to wait, when I said that we'd be getting a toy, I saw her face light up, totally priceless.

I was asked to sign into my Facebook account to like Breeze Philippine's page and then go to the Sigeland app where i had to enter my information and my daughter's name, I was then asked to choose what I would pledge to my daughter, the choices were: Confidence and Creativity. I chose creativity and then my daughter was handed her toy which was a brush and roll art set. My daughter smiled and although I knew she was sleepy, she couldn't hide her happiness. Lining up was definitely worth it!

One of the staff was nice enough to volunteer to take our photo and I also liked the fact that they would all give you a smile despite that fact that there were so many people to assist.

We exited Sigeland with tired feet and a happy fulfilled heart!

Because of the limited number of toys, unfortunately not all were able to get into Sigeland but Breeze has been very receptive to the feedback on their Facebook page and have promised to organize another Breeze Sigeland event soon! So keep glued to their Facebook page, if you want to join. 

Like Breeze PH on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreezePhilippines

Tips you might wanna take when joining the next Breeze Sigeland Event:

✅ Prepare and make it a point to get to the event early, there's a saying that the early bird catches the worm. 😄

✅ Bring water then pack some sandwiches and snacks so that you don't have to leave your place in line.

✅ Bring a toy that could keep your kid busy while in line, to avoid fussiness when they get bored of waiting.

✅ Also have patience, lots of it and gratitude. It's not everyday you recieve a free toy for your kid. 

Keep happy thoughts everyone! 💟


  1. Hi, Nerisa here. My baby and I was 2 people away from you. didnt know your a blogger. I keep telling my husband your baby is so mabait (kasi my son was so malikot that day) - must be due to the long wait. Kids are mainipin din kasi.


    1. Hi Nerisa, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. :) I guess I was lucky lang that day, usually she is makulit too hehe. We can't really blame then since ang haba talaga ng pila huhu, glad you also got a chance to go the event.