Mamanee's Experience Before and during childbirth

You've most probably heard all the stories about giving birth from your Mommy friends, funny, sad and outright hilarious. 

Each and every experience is different no two stories are the same. I can bet that your childbirth experience is as vivid as this morning. They say that you can't beat the experience of giving birth to another human being, and ladies that is one thing that men will never get to feel.

So I have had the best of both worlds natural and Cesarian. 

I gave birth to Hutch naturally, and experienced only 4 hours of labor. That's because I was very active at the time in walking and like all my other pregnancies I carried pretty small. 

For Dumpling and Calel, both of them were delievered via c-section, Dumpling refused to turn and was in breech until full term, I tried everything from stretching excercises, frozen peas at the top of my belly and sleeping with my butt in the air. Unfortunately my lack in amniotic fluid also made a big factor for her not to move in the right position. 

A newborn Dumpling.

Calel on the other hand had no choice because he and his ate were only 8 months apart which could have caused a rapture if I persisted to go natural. 

A newborn Piglet.

Good thing that everytime childbirth was coming I would not be shocked, I was able to get to a hospital un-rushed. I always made sure that a month before my due date, my hospital things were packed and ready and I made sure to meet my doctor appointmets. 

When the time came, I would pray that my baby and I would be safe and that neither of us would experience any complications. I would keep my mind clear of all stress and remind myself that I will get to meet a wonderful little being that I have carried for 9 months in my womb. 

Childbirth is the most rewarding experience if that is how you set your mind to it. 😊

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