Blogapalooza 2013 | I love Plato Wraps!

I am a food fan. Period. Regardless of the fact that I cannot win at a all-you-can eat buffet or for the fact that I eat like chicken but I am always willing to try and taste food within my comfort zone. 

For Plato wraps, there was no testing needed. I have always been a fan of the pocket meals that they create ever since I had discovered their food cart in Eastwood City, Libis, back when I had just started my job at a back then, prestigious BPO in 2005. 

Bread is my staple, growing up in the UK introduced me to the love of bread and I could always get by with a sandwich and Plato Wraps just absolutely covers my craving for such. 

Attending the Blogapalooza 2013 event, I was pretty happy that I had seen theor booth and the greatest thing is that they let me take home 3 of their servings which my husband was pretty much happy about, I knew he would love them, good thing I was still able to catch a snap shot before they were devoured. 

So to give you a background of the company based on their Facebook page:
Plato Wraps is a registered trademark of Panaderia Antonio Food Corporation (PAFC) a Filipino corporation owned & operated by Mr. Antonio & Ms. Kamela C. Seen, based in Dagupan City. PAFC started as a single proprietary bakery business in 1997 with retail outlets in Dagupan City & Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

Plato Wraps – first venture into food service cart operation of PAFC, was first introduced in Dagupan City in 2001, which soon fast expanded to Metro Manila as well as to provincial sites. Plato Wraps is currently developing expansion programs in the key cities of Visayas & Mindanao regions.

In September 2005, PAFC - Plato Wraps ventured into restaurant business aptly known as Plato Wraps Dine-in. Plato Wraps Dine-in is currently hitting its mark in progressive Dagupan City. 

So what's new with Plato wraps now?  I have just seen their Plato Wrap sandwiches which look delectable and defintely something that I would love to try. 

The great thing about Plato Wraps is that they bake their own bread so the uniqueness of the taste is something you will always be looking for. I highly auggest that you try their sandwiches and pockets out, steal for the budget and thumbs up for the taste! 

And ehem they also deliver!!

For more info on location of branches and more please visit them on:
Twitter: @PlatoWraps

Except those watermarked, Images credited to Plato Wraps' Facebook page. 

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