Grab Taxi: A healthier way to commute

You have to admit with all the posts and news about cab drivers "drugging" their passengers with a chemical which they inhale and in a few minutes become numb and dazed plus the fact that they rob you, have really given a lot of people the creeps, including myself. 

Eversince the news came out, as much as possible I have avoided cabs like they were a disease. I would rather take te MRT or jeep to my needed destination. 

Then came along the Blogapalooza event which was to be held in SM Aura. I also happen to be allergic to the Fort Bonfacio Area since it is pretty much far away from where I live. 

Well enough said, I need a taxi to get the event. Pretty lucky that Grab Taxi, one of the newest mobile apps, had a treat for the bloggers to attend Blogapalooza using their service. I was a little hesitant since I lost my confidence in taxi's but I also wanted to try if it was really worth it. 

Downloaded the app which was pretty easy to use, very simple. Enter your pick up point, then your destination, the app then locates the Grab Taxi's available in your area then click on Book Now. Then I had a taxi assigned to me them the details which included the plate number, the drivers full name and a convenient button to call the driver appears on your screen, including the location of your booked taxi and how many minutes remaining before the driver reaches te pick up point.l
Meet my taxi driver for my trip to SM Aura: Mr. Elysard Costales. One very jolly fellow and he kept me quite entertained for the duration of my ride. He has been a taxi driver for 2 years and he also says that the taxi company he works for was the first to use the Grab Taxi device. 

So I thought about interviewing kuya. 

M (Mamanee): So, kuya. Malaking pakinabang ang pagkakaroon ng Grab Taxi (device). 

E (Elysard): Uu naman Ma'am. Mas madali para sa amin para makakuha ng pasahero at marami na rin gumagamit nito. 

M: Anu po masasabi nyo tungkol sa kumakalat na balita tungkol sa mgataxi driver na nag papa amoy ng pampamanhid ng katawan. 

E: Hindi naman mga driver ng taxi ang mga yun, malamang mga nag car nap ng taxi, dapat kase kapag ngyari yun eh ipa blotter kaagad para mahuli. Minsan may iba na kwento lang para siraan ang mga driver, nakakahiya yun lalu na sa mga foreigner baka isipin nila na masama ang buong Pilipinas. 

M: Panu naman kuya kau umiiwas sa holdaper, lalu at uso sa panahon ng Disyembre.

E: Dapat may ingat sa pagsakay ng pasahero kasama na rin ang pagdasal. 

M: Kuya, ilalagay kita sa blog ko ah, pa picture mamaya.

E: Ay sige para masabi may pasahero natuwa sa akin! 😊

I had to take a photo of kuya's ID, Performer Of The Month! 👍 This is also the phone where the drivers access the app which is powered by Globe network.

I loved how the Grab taxi works that it makes me feel that finally there is a system that allows passengers to feel safe and have the ability to also know who the driver is and ensures that you get quality service. 

Please check out Grab Taxi's Facebook page:

Don't forget to download their app for Android and iOS.

They also have an on-going promo for Globe users! See their page for more details. 

Parting words of Kuya Elysard: "Sige Ma'am sa loob daw yung pupuntahan nyo, di naman ako si Trillanes para gibain ang pader ng SM Aura at ipasok ang cab" 😜

Hahaha! Dami ko tawa.

Thanks Kuya Elysard for being so entertaining, World Cord and Grab Taxi should give you an award!


  1. Lol.. nice interview hehehhe...There are still good, honest taxi drivers.

    1. Thanks! It's nice to know that we still have NICE and FRIENDLY taxi drivers existing. 😊

  2. Going for Grab Taxi is a good way to ensure one's safety on the road.

  3. I was at Blogapalooza too! Hope we were able to meet up. :) Anyway, I planned on using Grab Taxi going t the event too but in the end my hubby decided to take me there. Maybe next time I'll try using it. Glad to know you had a nice experience with using the app.

    1. Wow! Well I think there were a lot of Mommy Bloggers there :) Sayang well at least I know at the next Blogapalooza you will ve one Mommy I will hope to meet. :)

  4. Thank God you blogged about Grab Taxi! Will download the app now.

    1. Thank you reading :) So far so good with using grabtaxi. :) Go na! Hehe

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