The Princess Chronicles|Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Dumpling!

Dear Dumpling, 

I have always written a letter to you in one of my blogs because I want to be able to show you in the future when you are older how happy and content you make me feel. 

Today is your 3rd Birthday! Oh how time flies dear. I can still remember when you were still in my belly and when you were just born. 

I just want to thank you for making me smile, for singing to Papatin and I, for showering us with your endless kisses,persisting for nose rubs, for cuddling up to us as soon as you wake up in the morning, for all the hugs that you are willing to give and for your contagious smile that lights up our little household. 

I promise as your Mama to always support you, to clap after you have sung, to return each and every kiss, hug and nose rub you give and to make sure that I capture the moments that you smile. 

I love you dear Dumpling. 

Happy Birthday to the princess that made my life complete once more. 


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