Papatin: My Hands-on-Daddy

Ang Nanay ang ilaw ng tahanan, habang ang Tatay ang haligi.”

We have all heard this saying before and the relationship of the Mother and Father within a family is the greatest dependent or factor on how the family bonds and how the children grow up.

I have always believed in the Strength of the bond of the mother and the father to the children. My husband and I, always discuss this and how to be parents, making sure that we agree on the same aspects of parenting.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Papatin is the one that stays at home now and looks after the kids, while I am working full time. It used to be the other way around. But that’s a whole another story which I will tell you about in my next post.

I have always been grateful of Papatin as a father and how he has taken care of us ever since he opted to stay home.

We do not have a yaya and he is very hands on with the Princess and the Piglet. He bathes them, feeds them while I sleep (I’m on a night shift), takes them out for a walk in the afternoon, does the laundry, cooks the food, cleans the house and even prepares my packed lunch for work!

I believe we are very lucky that he became my husband as well the father of my kids. I don’t think I would be able to find another man who could do what he does for us. (Kilig much!)

I believe that a Father has the capability to also be multi-taskers just like how Mothers are, and it is such a wonderful feeling to see a Father that is hands on. Makes your heart flutter a bit right?


Dear Papatin,

You are such a wonderful father and husband, The Princess Dumpling, The Piglet and Mamanee really appreciate how you take care of us. The kids have gained weight, I have become more fit and sexy (ahem) and the house is clean 50% of the time. Hehe

We LOVE you!

Mamanee, The Princess & The Piglet

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