Staying Fit during Pregnancy

Eat right, sleep right and excercise. When you hear that from everyone including your OB-Gyne, you're thinking - Oh wow too much to do. 

Question is what is the right way to stay fit when you're pregnant? Here are some pointers, based on experience (but of course, it is always best to consult your doctor):

💠 Eat green, leafy vegetables. Not only is it a good source of fiber it also somehow helps prepare your body for breastfeeding. 

💠 Avoid smoking and alcohol. Unless you want your baby to get lung cancer and a bad liver even before he comes out, but seriously it could damage the development of your baby. 

💠 Do light walking excercises. Helps your heart regulate and also if you are going for natural childbirth it will actually help you through an easier labor. Oh and helps avoid getting too much varicose veins. 

💠 Drink supplements. But only the one's that were prescribed by your OB-Gyne, they would always know what is best for you. 

If you are wanting more tips better attend the talk: Stay Sexy While Pregnant by The Medical City. 

This talk will be able to answer your questions about pregnancy, especially if it is your first time to become parents. 

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Keep a note on the dates: December 6 - 8, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. 

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