Yaya-less and Happy!

Aling Mora was my yaya when my Mum sent me back to the Philippines at 7 years old. I loved her to bits, I clearly remember that during class recess she would bring me a warm glass of milk and kakanin on a plate in her wicker basket. 

I also remember writing to her when I returned to the UK, I told her how I took the tube going to school which my Grandma had read to her since it was written in English. I also remember receiving a letter from Grandma telling us that Aling Mora had passed away. I cried upon finding out. As a kid I have had my share of Yaya's and certified Nanny's in the UK (yes, you have to be certified by the UK government to provide Nanny services) and I have also had my share of Yaya's for my own kids.

At present, my husband and I have decided to go Yaya-less. It's a brave decision but after all out experiences we really felt that it was the best decision we had made as parents. 

I mean doesn't everyone wish that they would score a Nanny like Fran Drescher or even maybe Scarlett Johansson? 

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We have had our share of The Yaya horror stories, from one who would feel that Dumpling as a newborn needed to be exposed to cigarette smoke, sabi nga ng mga matanda para magbunga ang puno ng mangga ay dapat pausukan ng mga sinusunog da dahon, she probably thought it worked it in the same way. And then there was the Yaya and her unrequited love who would go missing and cry all the time because of boys to a Yaya who had domestic issues with her husband which almost put our children in danger. 

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So when our last Yaya decided to leave because she could no longer control her somewhat violent and war freak husband, it came at a time when Papatin was in between jobs and I had started already with a well known BPO. So we decided that I continue and that he stayed at home. We switched places almost overnight. 

We then realized that the decision that we went with was the best thing for our kiddos. The relationship we had built with them grew stronger and the bond was more than we expected. We are Yaya-less, proud and happy.

I am not saying that not having a yaya is what all parents should do because if you have found a yaya that is problem free then DO NOT LET THAT YAYA GO, that is a very unique one you got there from the almost extinct good yaya's. 

Now, if you have the Yaya, it would also be a good time to invest in her knowledge and at the Baby and Family Expo, there is the perfect talk for her: Yaya Academy: An interactive talk for yayas by Medela Moms. The insight in this talk will help the Yaya's and parents alike. 

For more information, all you need to do is call +632.843.2174 or email: info@babyexpo.ph.

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Keep a note on the dates: December 6 - 8, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

See you there Lassies!

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