Review | Mamanee and the Queen's Lair

Title sounds awesome, right? And you might think of it as a fairy tale, but in actual this is a fairy tale of me, my hair and it's adventure!

Once upon a time, there lived a mother of two somewhere far far away. Maybe not that far, but still far. 

This Mother's name was Mamanee, she had been on a quest to find a salon that would somehow fix her hair or maybe get a rebond. She was torn in between the old fashioned rebond or the newly discovered brazilian blow out. There were  two things that were important in her quest: one, it must be affordable and two, it must be worth it. 

She searched high and low, for the perfect place with the perfect price. She stumbled upon an online deal where the offer for either a rebond or Brazilain Blow out with a maniped and foot spa was being offered for only P999! As she made haste to purchase the voucher, happy thoughts raced her mind and glad she was that her friend also wanted to go. 

Off they trot to the Queen's Lair, with an appointment in hand and no sleep. 

And now I am tired of the fairy tale like story telling hihihi. 

Anyhow, we were greeted with a small but roomy salon and we were early since there was only one customer being attended to. We presented our vouchers then we were assisted by one of the staff named Max, he washed our hair and prepped us for the treatment. Max then applied the somewhat cream like treatment to my hair, I have to admit it sort ot stinged my eyes and irritated my throat a little, I'm thinking because of the rather strong smell. Tiis ganda nga ang peg! 

While my hair was being set with the treatment, Jen started on my foot spa and maniped. 

After a little while, my hair was covered in cellophane cling wrap.

Len and I trying so hard to beat the sleepiness. 

My colleague and good friend Lhen.

After around half an hour, Max returned to brush out my hair, after which my hair was blown dry completely then another staff member named Honey ironed my hair out. After around 2 hours, my hair was finally done! 

Tadaaaaaa! Right after my Brazilian Blow Out.

With Max, very nice and pretty. 😊

I was told by Honey that I could only wash my hair after 3 days. Now by research, and as Honey confirmed, the secret to making the brazilian blow out treatment last longer which usually lasts for 3 months, is to use a sodium chloride and sulfur free shampoo and conditioner and iCure is the best to use. Great thing that Queen's Lair also offers the shampoo and conditioner for only Php500 each! I totally grabbed a set since I wanted to make the most of my Brazilian Blowout.

The iCure pair!

During the 3-day development period it is best to remember the following to make sure that your Brazilian Blowout lasts:

❎ Do not wet or wash your hair at all.
❎ Do not tie or put clips in your hair. 
❎ Avoid getting sweaty. 
❎ Do not use the regular shampoo and conditioner you buy in retail.

Things to keep mind:
✅ To experience a longer lasting effect of your treatment, use sodium chloride and sulfur free shampoo like iCure. 
✅ If your hair is damaged badly it is advisable to have the treatment redone after 4-6 months.
✅ Bring a face mask to the salon on your brazilian blow out appointment, if you are sensitive to strong smells. 

I was able to tolerate the 3 days without washing and after finally doing a shampoo and conditioner, I was even more happy since my hair felt so soft and light. Papatin loves my hair since he said my hair looked natural and healthy. 

After shampoo and on the 4th day.

I enjoyed the services of Queen's Lair Salon and would love to return. They currently have two branches, one in Pasig (where I had my treatment done) and another in Makati. They also have current promos for their services and you can call them for the updates on their promos, I would also advise to set an appointment for their services. 

What I also like is that before they rebond your hair they would do a strand test to make sure your hair can take it. Saves a lot of heartache. 😊

For more appointments and inquiries here is their contact information: 

Ortigas Branch: 
Tel. No. 703-3800 / 782-1107
Mobile: 0947-539-9604
88 Gold Park Center, Meralco Avenue, corner Julia Vargas, Ortigas, Pasig City

Makati Branch:
Mobile: 0918-462-1542
G4 Cityland Makati Executive Tower 4, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, (Buendia), Makati City

You can also visit their website:

And like their Facebook Page:


  1. How was your brazilian blowout? Did it really last up to 3 months?

    1. Hello Gladys!

      Yes it did for more than 3 moths actually because I was using the iCure shampoo and conditioner. It started wearing out when I changed shampoo. Just follow their do's and dont's and it will last up to 6 months. :) Thanks for dropping by!