2 years of contentment: Our Wedding Anniversary

January 14, 2011 was the date we chose to get married. It wasn't a big proposal nor a big wedding but everything was full of love. I still feel that our wedding day was just yesterday. 

I remember when Papatin proposed, it was a sad time in his life when his father had just passed away. We were sitting down and talking about normal things when he held my hand and asked "do you want to get married?", at first I thought he was joking but then his hands were a little cold and he looked nervous, of course I said "Yes".

We planned our wedding in 3 months and I have never regretted that decision. 

2 years with Papatin has no way been perfect or without fights, but then I realize I am contented as a mother and definitely as a wife. 

I cannot live without Papatin in my life, and I know that I have met the man who will never leave my side. 

Living with two young kids takes away a lot of couple time and we no longer get to go out on dates. So I was very much surprised with the message he left me on my Facebook timeline:

Kilig much!! 

I love my Papatin, he has completed the emptiness I had for many years and he has fufilled me with two kids that I had once only seen in my dreams. He is completely silly at times and probably gets on my nerves but I know that I would not want it any other way. 

I guess what keeps us strong is our belief that God guides us in whatever we do and that as long as we are together then everything is achievable. We both trust each other completely, we are both open minded, we both believe in "me" time and we both feel that our kids are blessings that not in any day should they feel that they do not have parents.

Marriage completed us with the blessing of God, we can do anything as a couple. 

Let me leave you with the lyrics of our wedding song: 

"If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

Cause I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cause I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am."

Please tell me a story of you and your significant other, love stories really make my day. ❤️

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