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Although I no longer have a Yaya (Nanny), I always have believed that they should be invested in, they are taking care of the most precious part of your lives which are your kids, so they should be treated as a partner.


Yaya’s have their ups and downs and most of the time also become a little short tempered because of the kulit of their alaga’s. They are also known to keep themselves busy by watching the latest telenovela and texting non-stop, that they sometimes lose focus on how to keep their alaga’s busy with playtime or guiding them on our behalf while we are away at work.


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When I did have a Yaya back then, I always urged them to complete their SSS and Pag-ibig requirements for their future benefit, I also offered to put them through schooling if they haven’t finished their studies yet I even had a Yaya who could not read nor write and offered tutoring services for her. Unfortunately, they left before I could grant them the benefits and it was all because of the same reason unrequited love. LOL


That’s why when I heard about The Learning Basket’s “Teacher Yaya” workshop, I knew this was something that should not be missed by those that still have a Yaya employed. I would have definitely taken upon this and I do hope that they run this as a regular workshop, so that when my time comes to have a Yaya, I’ll definitely take the opportunity.

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I love the topics that it will cover and I admire The Learning Basket’s advocacy of pushing books for kids especially in this technical age. Their topics include the following:

·         A yaya’s special role in a child’s life

·         How to understand a child’s actions and not think that he is “naughty”

·         How to respond to one’s alaga

·         Why TV and tablets are not good for kids below three years old

·         Why and how to play with one’s alaga, depending on age


The 4th topic is definitely my favorite, where I have seen numerous times where tablets have been used to “shush” a kid.


Some might say, isn’t this something that the employer can discuss with them? But then we all know that if you hear this from a workshop perspective rather than your employer it will less feel that you are being scolded, we all know as well how the Yaya’s can be a little sensitive when being told off.


Now, this is the best part, the workshop is so affordable! At 500php only, this includes the workshop fee, handouts, snacks and certificates. So much for a friendly price!


The Learning Basket’s Teacher Yaya’s workshop will be held on February 15, 2014, 9:00am to 11:30am at the Medela House in New Manila, QC.


For more details and registration for the workshop you can visit this page.

Again here’s the details:

Teacher Yaya: A Workshop 

Date: February 15, 2014

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Venue: Medela House, QC

Learning Fee: P500, inclusive of handouts, snacks, and certificates

Do not miss out on this great opportunity to take care of the Yaya’s we love and trust!



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