Happy thoughts and a warm heart for 2013

It's 2014 and I have so many things planned and goals to meet. But before I focus on those, I want to reflect on my 2013 and the memories that it has created for me. 

It was a great year for gain and it also was a great loss for the family. 

January - Started a new job with a company I had dreamed of working with. 

February - Marked the 1st year anniversary of my marriage with Papatin.

March - Calel celebrated his first birthday!

May - We had lost a significant member of our family. The eldest of the siblings and the foundation of our togetherness, our Ate Riza, who lost her battle to Cancer. 

June - After suffering a great loss, God gave me a new job as a product trainer. 

August - Started my first class as a product trainer. 

September - I started blogging seriously once more and gave into my calling as writer. I have always loved writing even as a child. 

November - We gained a 3 year old! Dumpling celebrated her birthday. 

December - I won the Life As A Supermom contest, won a Nikon Rice Cooker, won an overnight stay at the Crowne Plaza Galleria!  Finally bought a bigger oven for the cupcake business!

Yes 2013, was very much eventful year for me and I look back God has been good to my family and I. We were pretty much thrown into the situation where Papatin had to stay at home while I work for the family and even though there were some hardships, we always managed to pull through especially with prayer. 

The loss of my sister who I also considered to be my second Mum affected me so much but it also taught me to be strong and to always fight.

I will keep on fighting for my family, for my  mum, for my little twin stars, for my siblings, for the friends who have always been there and for my husband. 

Bring it on 2014!! I am so excited to experience the year coming and I also hope that you feel the same. 😊

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