It's Papatin's Birthday!

Do you also believe that birthday's are meant to be celebrated? You have to be thankful for another year added to your life right? 

That's how I feel about Papatin's birthday , it should be celebrated and I am grateful for another year that God has given him.  I decided to plan a small celebration for him to show my appreciation for his hard work at home and for being a great husband. I also secretly invited some of his closest friends that have been with him through thick and thin. 

Luckily my brother was living in a condominium with a clubhouse and pool. So we reserved a table and I went with a very simple menu, more of on the snack side, macaroni in tomato sauce, ham sandwiches, blueberry cheescake and a caramel birthday cake. 

Although I didn't take a swim Bossing and Dumpling were ecstatic with the pool ! 

The best part of the birthday when my surprise for Papatin showed up one by one surprising him everytime. Francois has been a friend of his ever since Papatin and I met, both of them were my trainees, Francine and Ana were his good friends since 2010, they met eachother before I did, when I was introduced to these beautiful girls we have been inseparable. Papatin claims I stole them away from him hahaha. Ashraf and Papatin met in WNS and they hit it off from day 1 of training, Ahs is a native of Yemen and speaks tagalog well, he has always made the time to meet with Papatin. (In the photo from L to R: Francois, Francine, Papatin, Ash and Ana).

We all felt like it was somewhat like a children's party with the type of food and no alcohol that when the blowing of the cake candle came along Papati felt he needed a party hat! Yes, he can be really silly at times. 

It was such a chillax day, we sat down, swapped stories, played games and ate to our hearts delight. It wasn't so sunny so we all got kinda lazy to swim. 

Len (one of my GF's at work), Les (the bro) and Arby (the GF of the the bro) playing Charades slash Pinoy Genius.

Soon Papatin's family followed and it was one big happy family. 

The brother, the nephew, the sister and the other nephew! 😄

My pretty mother-in-law with the birthday celebrant.

I got a big kiss by the end of the day from Papatin. 

Isn't it wonderful to plan a surprise for a loved one? ❤️


  1. Happy birthday Papatin! hehe...congrats Mamanee for the successful surprise birthday party. hihi...♥♥♥

    1. Thank you Mommy Lally! Ang sarap pala mag surprise ng tao hehehe especially yung mahal mo. :)