Review | Cuts4Tots Salon: The Bossing's Experience

If you have a son, you know that you are obligated to have their hair cut every month to avoid that they turn out to looking like nomads.  

Getting The Bossing's haircut has always been a dilemma for me, we used to bring him to a salon in Marikina and pay only 100php but then we moved to Quezon City.

We went to a lot of salons in and out of the mall looking for a salon or barber that would cut a toddler’s hair and all of them would say no.

I did know of Cuts4Tots ever since but been avoiding the place since being a frugal mum, I found it a little too pricey. I mean, my haircut would cost 50php and it would be good to go.

Photo from the Cuts4Tots website.

Since our schedule during December was jam packed and we were going to spend Media Noche (New Year Eve) at my mother’s in Laguna, the Bossing NEEDED a haircut.

So I finally decided to take him to Cuts4Tots at Eastwood City Mall. Even though I knew that I’d paying that much, I was pretty excited to have him enjoy the experience.

When we walked in I was asked to write Bossing’s information on their log sheet and we had a gentleman assigned to us to cut his hair. I didn’t find the receptionist accommodating or bubbly which I would like to expect from a child-friendly establishment, good thing that the interiors made me happy. There was a little play area with books and toys to keep the little ones busy while waiting for their turn and I loved the colorful cushioned seats, it looked like a big playground. I could tell the little man that he was happy, since he started roaming around and playing.

And then his turn came, the gentleman (I’m using the term gentleman, because I’m not sure if barber would be the right term hehe) asked me, “What does he (Bossing) like to watch?” I told him any cartoon and he suggested Mickey Mouse, which I confirmed was the perfect choice, since bossing just loves that mouse!

Bossing was seated into the car like seat and the gentleman played a DVD for him to watch. I was asked what type of haircut did I want for him, and after describing the look I wanted he showed me a photo from an album and we were good to go. He started with a razor and I was surprised that he was pretty quick and it seemed he wasn’t too bothered about the fact that bossing was a little squirmy in the seat. I really appreciated his patience and his ability to work quickly.

After a few minutes we were done, complete success and bossing didn’t cry one bit.  The gentleman also styled bossing’s hair with baby styling gel which they are also selling for only 75php per bottle. I didn’t get one yet thinking he wouldn’t need it but now I think I need to go back. 

I paid for the haircut which was 330php and I was given receipt. They also had a frequent user card for only 100php where you could get 10% discount on the haircut price for each and every visit.

• How did I feel about the service?  I was happy and satisfied.

•Would I go back?  Yes, if I have the budget.

•Do I think it’s worth it? In the middle like 50/50 since you are paying for the amenities.

So what do you think of my bossing’s haircut?

If you are interested in the services that Cuts4Tots offer you can visit their website here.

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