Review | Mercury Drug Suki Day Book 2014

Planners are now-a-days either essential or a status. Just like collecting stickers for the Starbucks planner has been a craze ever since. I also was a victim of the coffee-crazed-sticker-addiction planner like for two times but first I ended up with a sensitive stomach due to all the caffeine gulping and also it would really ransack my pockets.

I have been exploring my options in regards of getting a planner, I still believe that writing it down than saving your notes in your phone calendar is more effective. 

Buying some meds at Mercury Drug one day, I saw there smack in the middle of their counter a sparkly red planner which they call the Suki Day Book which you can either get by redeeming with 30 points from your Mercury Drug Suki Card or paying only Php200. Thinking to myself "Wow, 200 pesos eh? Hmmm, I wonder if it's worth it?". 

I looked around for reviews an found a few and they seemed happy and since I was looking for a going away gift for my beautiful Mother in law, I felt that it would be a great choice. I went ahead and purchased the Suki Day Book because I don't own a Mercury Drug Suki Card, boo-hoo.

I skipped like a Kangaroo home with excitement, I had a plan of writing a thank you note inside and putting the kiddos photos inside as a remembrance. 

The first thing you'll notice and what I love most is the leather bound cover in glorious red, so bright that if you lost it under the bed covers, you'll be able to find it in a jiffy! 

The 'lock' is magnetic and you have the logo of the company laser printed on an metal alloy badge. What's inside? Hold your horses! Hehe

Inside you have smooth cream colored pages with a day by day section per month and roomy pages for your notes, you also have a lot of health tips, a plus as a good read. 

Now, here is the good part you get discount coupons for a wide array of Mercury Drug's products. 

You know you got your Php200 worth with all the discounts added up! 

Oh, and I love the smell! Well, is there a book junkie that doesn't love the smell of a freshly opened book? 

Conclusion, if you need a planner and don't want to spend too much and get your money's worth then hop over to any Mercury Drug Store and grab a copy now while they still have them. 

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What's your favorite planner lasses? 

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