10 Things To Do for Your Husband This Valentine's

Ah yes! Love is definitely in the air. Not because it's cold and you get more hugs than usual, but of course it is now the love month of February. Hearts, cupids, and almost everywhere will be in the color of red.

In my younger years I would sort of anticipate Valentine's day and wonder if I would receive a card, rose or maybe chocolate and we as women would always want to be wooed on this day but sometimes we also forget that this day is also to express love to everyone that matters in our life. As a wife, we also need to show to the most important man in our life (excuse me Dads for a bit) which is our husbands. 

I believe that couple time, dates, couch hugs, tickle fights and even seducing eachother (ehem) should not stop at marriage, it is a commitment to show each other love as promised for the rest of your lives and enjoy this love you share. 

So now it comes down to, what can we do for our husbands, for one day during this special month. If you know men in and out, you know these suggestions are FIT to a T. 

1. Allow your husband to watch the sports channel for one whole day. Come on ladies, you know that in between Frozen and Barney that they only get a sneak peak, let them have it. 

2. Learn a new recipe. The way to a man's heart IS through his stomach. Ask them what they would love to try as a dish, look it up on youtube and whip it up. I'm sure by now he would be a little tired of tinola, sinagang, nilaga and sopas because if you have kids, viands that has soup is a must!

3. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V Day! He may have another computer game in mind but having to play the PS3 or xbox without some kid trying to yank the controller will be utmost  bliss for him. 

4. Quiet time Day. Yes, the socks may be on the floor and he forgot to take the garbage out. Let's give him one day where we are not nagging him into solitude. He'll feel like he's in an ear spa. 

5. Chore Pass. I'm sure your husband would be jumping with glee! No dishes, no dirty diapers, smelly butts and brooms . Don't worry ladies, tomorrow it goes back to normal. 

6. Take-Yer-Hubby-Out. Be one of the boys and take him out for a beer. Order fatty foods like sisig and pig out over a heavy dinner. He'll feel like a king. 

7. Create a video-photo collage. You know that cheesy thing with the background music. But instead of all the cute photos, choose the ones where you both look crappy and goofy. You'll make him laugh and it would be a great way to bond. P.S. Please don't upload it to Facebook, you'll totally regret it, just a private show for the both of you or to make your kids regret having you guys as parents let them watch too (just kidding). 

8. Let him be himself. Men can be soooo obnoxious at times that they do silly noises, fart in front of you at any time of the day, and make funny faces while you talk. Give them that one day to do all they want in that criteria without you having to scream at him "Oh c'mon, grow up!". Think of it as his relaxation technique. 

9. Horse Eye-Flaps Free. You have probably caught him glance at a girl while you are walking in the mall or walking anywhere together for that matter. I'm not saying let him oggle, but if you do catch him, try not to 'physically abuse' him by swatting him on the arm or at the nape of his neck and giving him Count Dracula's deadly stare when you catch him. Don't fret girls, YOU have the ring on the finger and a man loves a confident wife who is not  insecure toward strangers. 

10. Let him go out with his guy friends to a strip club for night. Hahaha. You wish husbands! That ain't happening, not on your wife's watch. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for humour purposes and to your sole discretion if you want to try any of these at your own risk OR you can always just cook him a nice dinner, give him a glass of wine and have cuddle time in front of the telly while you exchange your fondest memories while you were still dating. 

Have fun! 

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  1. For a moment there, I thought you were serious with #10 hahaha!

    1. Hahahaha, yup and I'm sure the hubby would have thought too. Thanks for dropping by Patty! 😊