Breastfeeding Is Love

My love for breastfeeding came when I first conceived. I knew it was a commitment I wanted to pledge to my children one day especially when I learned of its benefits through my OB-Gyne back then. 

I was able to breastfeed Hutch for a year and a half as well as for the Bossing who I recently weaned off since he started to chew and bite me. Unfortuntely, for The princess it was different story since I was only able to breastfeed for 4 months giving in to the sayings that "breastfeeding your child when you are tired is bad for the baby". Wish I never listened to that advice in the first place. Hmpf!

It's a shame that in these days the younger generation seem to have a different perspective and if not guided through the process end up not breastfeeding at all. Thinking that formula is better, but never considered the long term benefits. 

I have benefited from breastfeeding immensly, first and foremost since I breastfed all my children, I had no trouble of getting my body back to it's pre-pregnancy side, most ask how and why do I still look fit. I always tell them that it's breastfeeding that has helped me the most. 

The princess and the bossing also have just the right body type. Yes, your kid might look cute because he is overly plump due to formula milk but then it could lead to obesity in the long run. Breastfeeding keeps the child at his ideal weight.

My favorite benefit is getting to save A LOT of money. Take a look at the prices of formula milk, a good branded small can of milk will most probably cost you around 350php to 600php and will only last you a few days. Breast milk is free, fresh everytime and there is no fuss of washing bottles plus boiling them too. 

Imagine the horror of going out with your babies and boom! You forgot the bottles and formula  or maybe on the go you run out of formula milk and there isn't a store nearby where you can purchase a can. Breast milk is available on demand, with the freedom to use breastfeeding cover ups and now malls have breastfeeding stations where you will have now the convenience to nurse your infant when needed. Yes, I have nursed publicly if needed with a cover up, be it in a taxi, the local health center or at a food court. I am not ashamed, cover ups are a great investment both for you and your baby. 

The benefit which inspired me to breastfeed in the first place was the bond that you would create. The closeness that cannot be taken away from you and your child. I did experience pain in the first days of latching but then after a few sessions of breastfeeding the pain subsides and then you feel the bond. My bond with my children is what most excites me. And even if they are both now on full cream milk using sippy cups, I still feel their closeness towards me as their mother. 

It's that bond that cannot be taken from you in any way at all. The ability to breastfeed is a gift to us mothers and never should be taken for granted. 

I suddenly was reminded of an advertisement for breasfeeding: "Is your baby an animal? Then why would you feed them cow's milk?" and then the follow up of some old folklore is: "When you feed your baby milk from animals, their attitude would resemble an animal." 

That surely escalated quickly. I am not saying that formula milk is bad, I'm just saying that breastmilk should be a priority. 

I therefore love breastfeeding and hope that all first time mother would too. 

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  1. I love breastfeeding!!! Keep it up mommy!

  2. Oh hi it's you Marie! Wow you have handsome kids. Cheers and congrats for breastfeeding your children!
    I'm glad I won't have to go through that horror of going out with my baby because I started out right with breastfeeding. Thanks for reminding us about that advertisement. Hope more breastfeeding ads would be shown in the TV to encourage moms to only give human milk to their babies. :)

    1. Oh yes, sometimes breastfeeding is overlooked. Thank you Sally!

  3. "My favorite benefit is getting to save A LOT of money."

    I agree. I kid my husband sometimes and tell him to take me shopping because of this. Haha.

    1. Hahahaha what would our husbands do without us? Hehe. Thanks Mitz!