Event | Megaworld At The Fort Goes Social!

This has to be one of the best events I had ever attended! Yes, that is the opening of my post. It was a grand night to remember.

I was lucky enough to be part of such an event at and this was held at the information center of McKinley Hill last January 23, 2014. It was my first time to actually go to McKinley Hill, and as soon as the taxi cab, my blogger friend Roxanne and I were in took a turn into McKinley Hill, our faces lighted up with all the establishments (especially Banapple!) and the beautiful residential units.

We were greeted with name tags and press kits and a glass of white wine as soon as we were seated. We were given a tour of the showrooms by Miko who also gave us a little background about Megaworld and its goals. 

Photo courtesy of Megaworld.

Executive Studio Showroom

The program was hosted by Robin and Nicole, and were given our first competition by posting on Twitter using the hash tag #megaworldatthefort. We were shown videos about Megaworld's projects and also Nicole discussed the concept of Live-Work-Play-Learn-Shop. This was also the theme of the blogger competition, I'll be posting my entry soon.

Nicole and Robin

Mark and Miko 

The presentation was followed by a scrumptious Asian themed buffet. Roxanne and I were over the moon with the food and also by our fellow bloggers who we were lucky enough to share a table with.

Right after dinner, it was raffle time! Prizes to be given away were Megaworld Golf Umbrellas, Php1000 gift checks, and an Overnight Stay at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. Yours truly won an umbrella and an the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel Gift Check through the raffle and for the twitter competition I won a pair of Starbucks Gift checks! Actually, a lot of the bloggers won which made it more fun for everyone. 

Mommy Blogger Chelle Campos with her starbucks GC! 

Me accepting the gift cheque for Eastwood Richmonde Hotel (photo courtesy of Megaworld).

Roxanne and her prize (Photo courtesy of Megaworld).

It was a night of friendly chit-chat, good food, awesome prizes and the chance to see Megaworld's beautiful showrooms.  We went home with a bottle of wine which made the hubby very happy. Hehe.

I really need to say a big kudos to the event organizers for they made us feel really special and although I had travelled far and right before my work shift, so you can imagine how sleepy I must have been, It was an event that I did not regret at all.

I do hope that they will host another event in the future! 

Do also see their write up about the event here.

Thank you Megaworld At The Fort!

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  1. Wow so generous! Congrats for winning! :)

    1. Thank you Sally! True enough! We were overwhelmed with the prizes. 😊 Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Roxanne was saying that it must have been my outfit. Hehe. Thanks!