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Everyone knows SKYcable and with being in the business for 22 years it has now become the number one cable service provider in the Philippines. With the quality of their channel line –up you already know why they are the preferred cable service provider.

Skycable gives the consumer the flexibility to choose what they want especially with the various packages that they have to offer, catered to what you want and need. They also offer the option to add HD (High Definition) channels and packs all for your specific needs.

There are 4 features that are currently being offered by SKYcable that will make any couch potato or avid TV watcher absolutely excited, including myself.

I have been looking around for a cable subscription that would be worth my money and I really do not want to watch half of the available channel viewing list in the local cable network since most of them are those that do not interest me.

Since we upgraded to a LED TV, we need a subscription that can fit our viewing taste as well as be compatible with our TV.  SKYcable has the most number of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) channels. That is over 180 channels for the entire family to enjoy! This includes the genres of Movies, Sports, Kids, Learning, Music, General Entertainment, News, Lifestyle, Religious and International channels. With the mere fact that SKYcable has a total of 42 HD channels – that makes their offer the most number in the country today. I am clearly now on the right path of getting the right provider.

With your basic SKYcable plan you can add channels and packs catered to your family’s preference in viewing as well as you budget and the customization of your preferred channels and packs are limitless. You have several packs to choose from which you can see here! Your choices can be limitless!

The fun doesn’t end there! There is also SKYcable Pay-Per-View and FREE view. This will give you access to view special shows and notable programs. There is also access to the widest variety of live entertainment, this includes sporting matches, the latest blockbuster movies to live coverage of special events and concerts.

However out of all the features, my true favorite must be SKYcable’s iRecord and this is the way I want to watch TV and my favorite shows, in HD and at my available time.

I have always wanted to keep up with my favorite TV shows like Glee which currently is showing on Fox and my hubby needs to be updated with the latest in UFC matches which shows on Balls TV.

We both have a very busy life. I currently work in the BPO industry which means I either sleep through the time Glee is on or I am working, while my hubby has his hands tied with the two little twin stars that it’s impossible to watch a whole UFC match without having to look after the kids. We only get to sit down and watch when they fall asleep!

I have always wondered where we could get TiVo, that amazing TV recorder only in the US. Well, well, well, SKYcable has just solved that with iRecord. You can now have the power to pause, record and rewind live TV and this is the first and only Personal Video Recorder (PVR) feature in the country. 

To break it down each of the functions of iRecord work this way:

PauseLet’s say the hubby is watching a great UFC match, it’s the championship fight and then the little dumpling needs to go potty. Papatin can now put his favorite program on pause and after the potty time can just go back and resume where he left off. He will never miss a great UFC fight ever again!

Record – I am missing out on my favorite shows like Two Broke Girls and Glee, so to make sure I catch the latest episode, I can have the hubby record my favorite show, or better yet to lessen the hassle, iRecord actually allows you to schedule recordings so that even if the hubby forgets (which he usually does), my favorite show will be recorded! Yey!

Playback – So you are watching once again your favorite show but wanting to watch a specific scene bit-by-bit, with the playback option, it is now possible. Bookmark, fast forward, and rewind the shows that you had recorded, so that you can return to your favorite scenes in a jiffy! You even have the option to watch that scene in slow motion and frame by frame playback. The frame by frame playback will help my husband to see each move in a UFC match which he can use to train MMA to his students. It’s a priceless functionality!

This has sold me on getting a subscription with the Number 1 cable provider in the Philippines. It’s affordable, flexible and the features are just off the charts. Eeee! Can’t wait!
I bet that when we get a subscription we will all be watching telly like this: 

Meanwhile, please watch the video promo for the 4 Great features of SKYcable below. 😊
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