Pageant Diaries| Mrs. Philippines - Globe 2014 Screening

I dreamed of joining a beauty pageant as early as I was aware that beauty pageants exists. I had the opportunity to do so in school pageants but it's not like you had that much exposure and there weren't any sponsors. 

The Mrs. Philippines - Globe pageant is considered to be a prestigious pageant especially with the fact that you'll have a chance to compete in it's global finals in China. 

Last March 21st the GMA and Luzon screening for Mrs. Philippines-Globe pageant was held at Citrus Snap Studio in Makati City. There were 25 hopefuls and my number was 14, which was the date of my birthday.  Since it was a weekday, I came from a shift had 2 hours of sleep and did my hair and make-up in the office toilet. Whew!

My instagram post wearing my number. 

I got to the venue exactly at 1pm which was the call time, outside the studio entrance you could the see companions waiting and when I walked into the studio, I was asked to register, was given a name tag and a number to wear on my wrist. 

I scanned the room seeing all the pretty Moms and most of them did not look like they had children! I'm glad that I was able to become friendly with the other moms and we excitedly swapped stories about love, motherhood and stretchmarks. 

These two ladies. On the left is my husband's cousin Ianne and on the right is my self declared twin Marie Claire aka MC1, since we have the same first name initials. 

During the waiting period our photos were taken, a close up shot and full body photo.  All of us were dressed up in our casual dresses as instructed in the email. I chose a red venus cut dress which I wore to my younger brother's wedding and accesorized it with an antique looking necklace a black stiletto pumps. I was nervous and excited. 

A few minutes after, we were informed that the screening will begin and that we would go down to the EVI office in groups of five (ascending numbers) and be interviewed individually by a panel of judges which consisted of Pinky Siva (Woman Of Substance 2012), Madelle Paltu-Ob (1st runner up 2013), Rachel Ann Felix (2nd runner up 2013), Joyce Pascual-Agsaway (Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2012) and Morena Carla Cabrera-Quimpo (National Pageant Director). 

When our batch was called, I was nervous, excited but anxious. I knew I wasn't that tall nor was I perfectly pretty but I also knew that this pageant was beyond all that and what they were looking for was a woman who represented motherhood and the empowerment of women. I told myself that I knew I embodied the strength of a mother and a woman who has endured a lot in the past and hoping that they may see that in me. 

I was called to be interviewed next, my heart was pounding out of my chest and my palms were shaking. When I was given the signal to enter the room, I stood up straight, walked as gracefully as I could and smiled. The interview was very casual and we were all seated. I was asked questions about myself, what I do and why I decided to join the pageant. When the interview ended I felt good about it and anticipated the next part of the screening which was the swimsuit ramp. 

After the interview, you were asked to change into your swimsuit and when all the interviews were done we were given instructions on what to do for the ramp, it was really nice that since everyone was a mother no one felt the insecurity about sagging abdomens or stretchmarks. Although, there were a few moms that looked like they stepped out of a magazine! 

Then we strutted in our swimsuits and everyone was up for the challenge, once more the panel of judges were present, to the beat of fast paced music, one by one the screening candidates took to the ramp, then by groups. 

The pretty mommies lining up for the swimsuit ramp. 

The swimsuit ramp was done with all the 25 hopefuls together. 

Our panel of judges. (L-R) Pinky Siva, Joyce Pascual-Agsaway, Ms. Morena Carla Cabrera-Quimpo, Rachel Ann Felix and Madelle Paltu-Ob.

We were asked to wait for the announcement of the official candidates. After what felt like an eternity, because of the excitement, Ms. Carla started announcing those that passed the screenings. After a few numbers, my name and number was called. I was so over the moon! All the hardwork that I put into my preparation had paid off! 

I really thought I wouldn't make it but I was so happy I did! The day ended with a brief orientation by Ms. Carla and the signing of the agreement. 

My journey as an official beauty pageant contestant has now begun! 

The now 24 Official Candidates for Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014. 

Our first activity will be the offical photo and video shoot and I will make sure to share the experience with you. 

Have you ever joined a pageant before? If yes, what advice can you give me? 

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  1. I'm so happy for you Ms. Marie...Go! Go! Go!

    1. Thank you so much, and for Mommy Bloggers Philippines! ❤️

  2. I also love your makeup, simply gorgeous, Its Such a great experience. I almost feel the anxiety while reading your post, I believe you can make it to the coronation sis. keep us updated in Mommy Bloggers Ph :) Goodluck

    1. Thank you Leilani! Yes the anxiety was definitely, I am so proud to represent Mommy Bloggers Philippines and I'll do my best to win a crown! 😊

  3. Wow! Good luck! Wishing you the best and you have the support of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines! :)

    1. Thank you Jhanis! I need all the luck I can get!

  4. Haha no, I don't think I will ever have the courage nor the audacity to join any pageant, kahit ang qualifications pa niyan eh "short, chubby and saggy" haha! My college bff was a beauty queen though. She won twice in our annual school pageant and I was her #1 screaming support. LOL.

    God bless Marie. Hope you win. Regale them with your looks, charm, wit, humour and personality. ;)

    1. Thanks May :) Hopefully they will see that too.

  5. God bless and good luck, Marie :)

    I was looking at the photos and woah! are you really mommies na????

    1. Thank you so much Nerisa!

      Yes, it is a main requirement that either you are married or a single mom. :) I also said that when I saw the other girls hehe.