Pageant Diaries|My journey through Mrs. Phililppines-Globe 2014

If you are following my Facebook Page. You would know by now that I was very lucky to have been included in the 19 Official Candidates from Manila of Mrs. Phillippines-Globe 2014. There will be 3 additional candidates from Cebu making it a total of 22 candidates altogether. 

When I initally saw the FB post to submit an application for the said pageant, I said to myself no, you can't possibly join because I knew I lacked the courage to do so. After a few weeks, Lani Lluch, head and owner of Mommy Bloggers Philippines sent me a message and asked if I could represent the group. I was thrilled, thinking that it might be a sign from God that I should join. 

It took me 3 days to fill up the form, making sure that my answers came from the heart. I submitted my form then a few days after, I received and email from EVI marketing communications that I had been selected for the screening! 

I was over the moon and I told only a selected few of this news. I didn't want to brag since I knew there would still be the challenge of the screening itself. 

I had almost a month to prepare. I thought of eveything, First hair and make-up who I consulted with my LDRBFF ( yup, Long Distance Relationship) Serene of the blog Nurse's Diary to help me, she suggested curly hair and make up based on Shebby Chic's and Ana Victorino's tutorial videos on Youtube. 

My husband was my fitness instructor as well as my dietician to make sure that I would be swimsuit ready. 

Lani, always encouraged and motivated me as well as my friends. 

I bought a new swimsuit and hair extensions to try and look like a beauty pageant candidate. I knew that I wasn't that tall nor was I exceptionally beautiful but I do know that I could make people laugh, hmmmm that suddenly made me think, but I am not exactly auditioning for a comedy bar am I? But my point was I knew I could possibly charm the pants off the judges. 

This is my first time to join such a pageant and I knew the pressure was on.  Next post up the screening itself, please follow me. I will be keeping a Pageant diary for the duration of my experience. 

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  1. Go go go Mommy Marie! :) Looking forward to the rest of your posts.

  2. Hooray for you Mommy..Mommy Bloggers are really proud of you..fight fight fight.. Just enjoy the day.

    1. Thank you Jocris! I'm so proud to represent Mommy Bloggers Philippines. ❤️

  3. I told Lani to ask you (and Serene)! Haha. I'm glad you joined! The whole Mommy Bloggers Philippines community are behind you. :)

    1. Awww Kim, am I truly flattered. :) Never thought you would think of me as beauty pageant material hehe. Thank you so much!