Pageant Diaries| Mrs. Philippines - Globe 2014: Empowering Session and Orientation

Last April 9, 2014, officially kicked off the pre-pageant activities of Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014 at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Taguig.

My handy-dandy planner which doubles as my notebook.

We were in for a treat, 23 candidates which included myself were set up for a full day of Empowering sessions from the 2012 and 2013 winners as well as from noted speakers headed by The Official Pageant director and Mentor.

Ms. Carla Morena Cabrera started off the event with the Official Orientation and gave us a background on the Mrs. Globe pageant (I'll be featuring that on a separate post).

One of Mrs. Globe's aim is to empower and reinvent married and single mothers in their life and career. As Ms. Carla says, "You are sassy when you inspire people."

Our first activity is a tradition to the the pageant orientation, Ms. Carla asked us to form a circle and we were asked to share our, experiences with laughter, tears, happiness and what we want to achieve after the pageant. 

This gave us a chance to get to know eachother better, and with each story told of heartbreak, success, loss and triumph, laughter and tears just filled up the room. 

The first talk was headed by the Official Show director and Pageant mentor Raymond Villanueva. I was truly in awe with his outfit and the poise he projected while speaking, I instantly knew that we were in good hands especially with his background where he works with beauty pageant winners themselves as from the Bb. Pilipinas title holders. 

Director Raymond discussed how a beauty queen should stand, project and practiced us on how we should introduce ourselves. We were also given our official numbers for the Pageant and my adrenalin was rushing from excitement! With Director Raymond's announcement "Ladies and Gentleman, I present you the Official Candidates for Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014", I felt I was in a dream. 

Our next talk was headed by Ms. Elmora Rose Pepito who was one of the finalists for the Cebu screening and she gave us a talk on "The Most Frequent Questions Women Ask."

Next up was Ms. Jessie Layug, who is the Official Counselor of Mrs. Philippines-Globe, and she discussed the importance of Emotional Quotient. 

The following talks were given by the past winners: Ms. Joyce Agsaway discussed Basic Dining And Communication Etiquette also tips on How to handle an Insulting Remark. Power Dressing was Discussed by Rachel Ann Felix and Ms. Bess Teludi discussed Different Body Shapes. 

(Clockwise, left-right then center: Director Raymond Villanueva, Rachel Ann Felix, Bess Teludi, Madel Paltu-Ob and Ms. Joyce Agsaway)

The last talk and activity really pumped up our energy! Ms. Madel Paltu-Ob showed us the importance of rythm. She candidly asked Ms. Joyce Agsaway and Ms. Ruby Jane Lehman (Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2012 and 2013) to lead the activity, which was so much fun since they were happy to oblige. Music was queued and to the tune of Beyonce's Crazy In Love, headed by the beauty queen's we were asked to ramp to the rythm of the beat. All the girls had so much fun, my sleepy head just got infused with energy! 

Ms. Carla closed the Empowering session with thanking everyone and I really felt that all of use had taken home so much energy and inspiration from the sessions. 

We all got to take home these goodies from the sponsors! 

Our first pre-pageant activity was just a blast and I felt so grateful to be a part of it. 

The day wouldn't be complete with an outfit of the day selfie with this enormous bathroom mirror! 

My Next entry to the Pageant Diaries will be the behind the scenes of our Official Pictorial which of course will be posted once the Official Photos are released. 😊

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  1. Wow Congratulations in advance! I agree with Ms. Carla, "you are sassy when you inspire people." I'm sure you have inspired a lot too! :)

  2. I've always been curious about what goes on behind the scenes of beauty pageants. Thanks for sharing your experience. Super interesting! Good luck on the pageant. :)

    1. Hi Janice! Great! I'll be creating posts until the actual pageant night. :) Hope you can follow my journey.

  3. Oh wow, congratulations. I can't believe these are all married women, beautiful and sexy. I wish you all the best. Good luck. God Bless.

    1. I also said the same thing when I first saw them hehe. Thank you for the well wishes!

  4. Congratulations in Advance. Keep inspiring moms!

  5. So this is what happens behind every beauty pageant! Congratulations in advance, Mamanee!

  6. I'm super excited to see you take center stage this May. We're cheering for you!!

    1. Thank you Camille! I am so excited to represent the Mommy Blogging community hehe.

  7. congrats sis! what an exciting day you had and for sure mas madami pa kayong kabusihan na gagawin :) I'll cheer for you until the end :) bring home the crown!

    1. Thank you! Uu part one pa lang yan ng maraming part hehe. I am praying for a good outcome. :)

  8. I wish I could go to events like these! I'm not a Mrs. yet though :)) But it's great to be around beautiful women who inspire each other :)

  9. Super cool! Congrats on makingit. I think it's great that these kinds of programs and activities are being offered for the pageant participants. What an amazing learning experience!