Pageant Diaries| Rehearsals with The Fabulous DirectorRaymondVillanueva!

Now that the Coronation night of Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014 has ended there is truly a part of it that I will miss and that is the rehearsals. 

After the press launch our rehearsals occurred everyday, that was everyday in Makati. 

I have to be honest, Makati is just not my happy place. I seriously feel like I'm in a jungle some what, whenever I go there. You can't get off from public transportation just anywhere, almost all roads are a one way street, to many underpasses and walking distances. 

My travel was like an hour to an hour and a half. I had to take the MRT (Metro Rail Transit), because I don't own a car and I simply hate buses. 

But as soon as I get to Paseo Parkview Suites and enter the multi purpose hall all the commuter frustration goes away. Each and every candidate is unique and believe it or not it isn't always about the beauty, we grew to have a bond and a sisterhood. 

The best part of the rehearsals was the eating at the end haha! 

We learned so much from each rehearsal, aching feet, tired backs and high emotions was just really an adventure. Director Raymond Villanueva shared a lot of his experiences. 

 We were taught the right way to walk in a pageant. 

We were taught to dance for the opening number.

 Director Raymond rehearsed us for the question and answer portion,
including how to stand and where to put our hands. 

We had to fit the outfits and rehearse wearing them. 

We definitely enjoyed our last night of rehearsal when
we finally got to bring along our partners for the opening number. 

What people see is all the glitz and glamour of the pageant night but have no idea how hard it is to remember all the blockings that were rehearsed, how hard it is to walk in the way that will satisfy the Director. 

I will forever be grateful for the experience I had with Director Raymond, his teachings about how to be a beauty queen will forever be instilled in my mind.  His copyright motto for beauty is the three M's: Maganda, Malinis and Mabango.

Raymond Villanueva is a notable fashion and beauty pageant Director, who has also directed as well as judged the prestigious Bb. Pilipinas pageants.

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