Review| Chips Delight Butterscotch Brownie Mix

Ah yes the never ending need of my hormones is a quick sugar fix! 

Doing the grocery on a pay day, this red box caught my eye. Yup, the power of the color red works everytime! 

Butterscotch brownies with just adding butter and eggs, hmmmm. So I tried my luck and purchased it. 

Only today that I was able to actually go ahead and bake. I did find it convenient and it seems that the mix was pre-sifted as well. Don't get me wrong I do like baking from scratch of course but I just couldn't resist something quick and easy. 

I followed the instructions as printed on the box: 

Pre-heat oven to 175Celsius.

Creamed a cup of butter.

Gradually add 2 beaten eggs (yes, beat them first) part by part that is.

Then add the Chips Delight Butterscotch Brownie mix, interchanging with the eggs. 

Your finished batter should look like this

Line or grease a pan, in this case I used a 8x8 pan. I line, for a much more easier clean up. 

You need to spread out the batter with a spatula since it's pretty thick.

Pop it in the oven for 30-35 mins

And viola! Cravings diminished! Sorry that they are crumbly looking, it's because they had not cooled down yet and I took them out of the pan, I so could not wait. Hehe

I added chocolate chips midway of baking so it wouldn't be so plain and the result was great although I kinda slightly scorched the bottom because of the oven settings, in total they were wonderful! Chewy in the inside, the whole tray of brownies vanished in an hour! 

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  1. I buy pre-made brownies too! Saves time and they are just as good as those from scratch. Well, actually, they are better than the ones I make from scratch because I'm a terrible baker! :D

    1. Hahahaha well that would just so fix that problem then! :)