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I honestly have no love for buffets, just because I don’t benefit from it much since I don’t eat a lot. Boohoo for me. I envy those that get to enjoy buffet eating and wish I had a larger stomach. But I just couldn't resist the tie-up of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Movie Stars Cafe! 

The excitement could just not be taken away from me when I got the chance to experience Movie Stars Café situated at the Bayside of SM Mall of Asia. Despite the fact that SM MOA is really a long way from where I live, I knew this was an opportunity that I shouldn’t miss out on.

I decided to take along the hubby, the brother-in-law and of course my little twin stars.

As soon as we walked in, I knew we were in for a treat, I did have a small problem though, and the little princess is scared of masks. Oh boy, we had a screaming toddler as soon as we entered. What made me happy that actors in the Spiderman costumes did very well in making my daughter feel comfortable with them, the Red Spiderman character even gave her a tissue paper rose and the black Spiderman, asked for hi-five which she willingly obliged.

I think Dumpling met a new friend in my co-Mommy Bloggers Philippines group member, Joyce of All-Around Pinay Mama since she didn't leave her side! 

I decided that we order ala-carte instead of the buffet. We loved the food and drinks and servings are superb! Large enough for a group of 4 people to share!

Clockwise: Meaty Nachos, Four-cheese lasagna and thin crust meat pizza. 

I think what sold us out was the shows, we were able to catch 3 shows, first the Barbie Girl show where the little princess totally started dancing.

We also got to watch the Magic show, I really loved it and couldn’t help clapping.
Then we caught the main show which was Beauty and the Beast, it felt like we were watching an actual Disney musical!
Bonjour! Bonjour!

I loved the ambience plus all the memorabilia inside, you get to see life-size statues of characters like Spiderman, Shrek, Terminator even the scary alien from Predator.

These statues fetch a price range from $500,000 to $1 million each!

We were very happy with the service that the waiters had provided, they were very courteous as well as made sure we had everything we needed. Expect that you will be in a happy place when you visit Movie Stars Café. Good vibes was showered abundantly at this place.

The buffet area.
Now the good news, as a treat for you guys, Movie Stars café is giving a 10% discount on your total bill when you visit and dine in.
Just use give your waiter/waitress this code and it will be entered in the till and you are all set. Good news is that for every time you dine in, you can use this code. That's for every total bill! So make sure you keep this code with you when you go to Movie Stars Cafe! 

You can make a reservation via their Facebook page here:

I seriously need to return to this place on another occassion! It's for the whole family and kids with the kids-at-heart will love it too! 

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  1. I'm so glad to see you and your family at Movie Stars Cafe. I miss Dumpling! She's so adorable! Take care and good luck sa Coronation Night!

    1. SJ it was too nice to bump into you, thanks for being a human pillow to my daughter when she was freaking out hehehe. Your son is so nice. :)