Smile For Hutch| Donations and pledges needed

Hello there,

For those that do not know me personally. I'm Marie, close friends call me Mamanee. I lost my 6 year old son to Leukemia after a 8 month long battle, where 6 months was spent in the Charity Ward of The Philippine General Hospital. After joining the Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014 beauty pageant and receiving the Nikon Tough Mama Life Story award, this I realized was my chance to rebuild the small gift giving organization of Smile For Hutch.

I have heard my calling and maybe it was my son's way of telling me that he wanted me to continue what I started.

In 2005, when my son passed away I started off with a few candies, juices and biscuits. Successfully with one volunteer I bought these donations to PGH (Philippine General Hospital) to the Pedriatric Charity Ward 9 and to the children's ward of the Cancer Institute. 

For 3 years, I was able to gather donations and distribute them to the children of PGH. I suppose I got to caught up being single that I lost touch with continuing the little organization I put up. 

This year I plan to make it bigger by reaching out to companies and to fellow bloggers. 

As having the first hand experience of staying in the charity ward, you don't get a chance to do a lot and any help is definitely appreciated. To provide an idea here is what would help life in the Charity much easier: 

✅ Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap,     toothpaste and toothbrush)

✅ Food and drinks (Biscuits, Ready-to-eat canned goods with easy open lids, juice boxes, jelly ace) 

✅ Board Games or toys that can keep a kid busy. 

✅ Wet wipes, toilet tissue,toiletries caddy, hand towels. 

If in the case I get a response from a major brand I had messaged hopefully I'll get more to give-away. I merely stand as a vessel to help these kids and parents who are going through a very rough time. With all the stress and heartache this small gesture will give smiles to them, just like it gave a smile to my Hutch. 

Tentative schedule for the gift giving will be in August 2014, if I will be able to gather enough donations. 

If you are interested to help out in any of the donations listed above please leave your pledge in the comments section below or for anonymity you may send me an email or PM through my Facebook pages. 

I am also looking for a kind heart to re-create a logo/Facebook Header for the organization to look more professional. 

God works in the most wonderful of ways and he has by showing me what I need to do! 

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Read my previous post about this advocacy: here

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  1. Tweeted and liked the page. The fb link wasn't working by the way. I just searched for it on FB. :)

    1. Thank you Jhanis! Oh wow :( The one I posted on my page or in the group?