Father's Day| The Husband For My Every Year

One of the awards given during the Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014 was The Husband Of the Year. Based on our submissions via a 500 word essay. My hubby didn't win though but unknown to him I have always been proud of who is and what he stands for. 

I know it isn't Father's day yet but I can't wait. :) 

Allow me to share my entry as my nomination for my husband:

My husband and I are 14 years apart in age. Whenever I tell this to someone, I either get a “woah” or a question of what it’s like. Never did I thought that I would see my lifetime partner in my husband. Above all of the other husbands in this world what sets my Papatin (my term of endearment for him) from the rest to call him the husband of the Year, I just cannot count the reasons, because there are so many to share, however I can always share what best describes my husband that truly deserves such a meaningful award.

I never believed in marriage, I came from a family where marriages were constantly failing, Papatin changed that in me, and showed me how wonderful it is to commit to forever with God’s blessing.

I was living a life of lost still trying to get over the death of my first born, 5 years, I went out to parties and clubs, dated several men and forgot about myself. He showed me the way to recovery and opened his heart to help me heal.

I was wishing for a child, I was so lonely and incomplete as a woman.
He gave me two: a beautiful girl and boy.
I never felt beautiful, every day he reminds me that I am by wooing me just like we were lovers in high school; Small chocolates, loving messages, flowers and so many hugs with kisses.
We fight like any other couple but he is always willing to saysorry even if it’s my fault… every time.

I know that God had sent me my soul mate, I prayed for him every day and 
I can never see myself in another man’s arms.
He deserves to be the Husband of The Year because he has sacrificed so much, when he lost his job he devoted his time to stay home with the children to make sure that we guide them through the growing up process since we both agree to have no nanny involved.

I want to show him how much I appreciate him and everything that he has taught me by him winning this award. At his young age of 23, when it comes to our relationship he has been more mature than I and he has handled all our obstacles with strength. His heart and optimism has kept us afloat with our financial and emotional struggles. He is never afraid to cry and show how much he loves me.  I want to be able to share what a wonderful man he is and prove that age is not the key factor in relationships that work.

He is the Husband not only of this year but for all the years that we have been together, He proved everyone wrong when almost everyone told us that we would never last, ignoring all the negativity that was thrown our way by taking my hand and leading me to a better, contented and fulfilled me.
Show your husbands on Father's day how much he means to you and the kids.  Appreciation goes such a long way. 
Happy Father's day hubby, the answer to your question if you are a good father? Just look at your kids, their smiles will confirm so.

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  1. Such a beautiful post! Love it! I'm pretty sure your husband feels the same way about you.