Mamanee at The Philippine Science Centrum plus a giveaway!

When God said, I shall endow those with the gift of mathematical brightness, yes I definitely missed out. I seriously hate numbers and I think they hate me too.

I have always been a child or literature, Art and science, and when Mommy Bloggers Philippines received an invite to The Philippine Science Centrum, I signed up immediately! This also was an opportunity to have another date with my princess. 

Entrance to The Philippine Science Centrum

We were invited into the Science Hall which also serves as a venue for meetings, and Karen gave us a talk on the background of the centrum and what it has to offer. Not only do they cater to school tours but you can also have a Birthday Party!

During a demo on how to create play 'slime'.

Lookie! My princess has found a new friend!

Philippine Science Centrum has a mission to promote Science and Technology among the youth and this is beyond your gadgets plus computer games. Almost all the exhibits are interactive giving you a hands on experience and I am sure your 1 hour and half inside will be completely filled! It was my first time to enter and I tell you, I definitely went back to my childhood, in the UK I grew up around museums and exhibits that for me it served as wonderland. 

Kid's World, the favorite of my princess!

What can you expect to see? So much! They have exhibits about Infectious diseases, Bodyworks, Earth Science, Electricity and Magnetism, Kid's World (the favorite of my princess), Lights, Mathematics, Mechanics, Space, Water, and Vision and Perception. 

Bubbles exhibit

Infectious Disease Exhibit, don't worry no catching of anything lethal here. :)

Put your face into an astrounaut suit by just standing opposite the machine on the right.

Another way to get a photo op as an austronaut!

Interactive displays about waste management

Buy souvenirs and other items from the Science Shop!

One of their new exhibits is the Distorted room and also the Environment Exhibit. If you are brave enough you can also try the Human Gyro Ride which allows you to experince what it's like to be an astronaut! 

My princess was asking me to get on the Human Gyro ride, I'm like: "I'm pretty happy standing where I am, thank you." 

You can also experience the popular exhibit Van De Graaff generator and see you hair stand. 

Press each button that lights up to see how quick is your reaction.

One of the interactive exhibits that My princess just couldn't get enough of was the Reaction Timer. 

There is so much to do in The Philippine Science Centrum and kids as well as big kids will enjoy it. 

The admission fees are as follows: 
Adult: Php130/per head

Private School: Php130/head
Public: Php100/head

Children below 2 years old: FREE
Teacher(s) with I.D.: FREE
Senior Citizen(s) with I.D.: 50% off on regular admission. 

Please take note that the maximum time inside allowed is 1.5 hours. Additional Php60 for every hour thereafter. 

The Philippine Science Centrum is located at E-Com Building, Riverbanks Center, Barangka, Marikina City

But here's the good news, The Philippine Science Centrum has been gracious enough to give away tickets to you. Just join my rafflecopter below! 

Whoops though, please read the Terms and conditions before joining:

Terms and conditions of the give-away:
1. All entries will be verified, if steps are not followed accordingly this will deem the entries of the entrant invalid altogether. ALL entries must be complete in order to qualify for the raffle, no skipping unless for the Twitter or Facebook sharing. 

2. Only join if you can guarantee to claim and go to the venue. 

3. NO SHIPPING OF PRIZES. Prizes will be picked up on a date and at a place as agreed with the winners. This will be at either Eastwood City Libis or Alimall Cubao. 

4. All winners are deemed as final unless first drawn winner does not respond within 48 hours of notification email or cannot make to the agreed time of meet up.

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  1. Philippine Science Centrum is a venue where kids learn Science in a fun and interactive way! Science is a process and should be learned through experience.

  2. Philippine Science Centrum is the place to be! A place where families can learn and have fun at the same time! It's SO near to our home yet we haven't visited yet and it would be really great to win this giveaway as a gift to my husband for Father's Day.

  3. Philippine Science Centrum is a venue that let the kids learn by first-hand encounter with popular exhibits like the hair-raising wonders of Van de Graaff Generat, Move like Neo in The Matrix in the Wonder House and experience how it feels like to fly like Superman with the Anti-Gravity Mirror or see what it’s like to have your head rest on a platter and Delight in the freedom to touch, see, feel, play and truly experience every aspect of the science museum.

  4. the place is educational and great for learning. it's not just for kids but for the young at heart as well

  5. Its science! What's not to like.
    Any opportunity to present science (and math) in an interesting way is a great way to introduce to kids that yeah, you don't have to be a geek to appreciate these things. ^_^