Review and Feature| Stellar Goes Pop! Polecats Manila 4th Summer Recital

Admit ladies there was a time in your life or even probably know that you would have wanted to do Pole Dance Fitness. Pole dancing has come a long way from seeing it as a form of sexual display in bars but now is a way to get fit and is recognized as an elegant way of showing the strength of the human body. 

My first time to try a pole dancing class blew me away and after watching last night's performances, I was truly inspired to rekindle my eagerness to return for classes (in due time and budget hahaha). 

I was amazed with the long line outside of AFP Theatre in Camp Aguinaldo, and it got me excited to get inside. 

Based on the program we were going to be treated to performances with a wide range of pop songs from the 90's to the most recent pop hits. I liked how the program was arranged that they would feature the beginner's moving on to the intermediate classes which of course built up the momentum as well as our expectations. 

So here are the photos from each number I got to see. I didn't leave my seat! hehe 

Beginners 1 360 Fitness Club Makati
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndy Lauper
Teacher: Leeanee Arnaldo
Cast: Patricia Salvanera, Joy Gavica, Fiona Ong, Jemme Chan, Denise Jose, Red Golucino and Mirrel Epino-Catilago

Moms & More
Vogue by Madonna
Teachers: Hannah Villasis & Nielsen David
Cast: Citadel Cruz, Marissa Mendoza, Tin Perez de-Tagle, Lot Uyehara-Scher and Aina Balindres

Beginners 1
Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez
Guest Teacher: Sheng Belmonte
Cast: Jaime Madet, Isis Clariz Huang, Cheska De Leon, alex Abo-Hamda and Lianne Ling

Mixed 360 Fitness Club Makati
Bootylicious by Destiny's Child
Techer: Cleiza Fule
Cast: Jhana Evangelista, Roselyn banez, Maan Macatangay, Christina Gabriel,
Timmy Alonzo, Jilley Lapaan, Sandy Dimayuga and Joed See

Intermediate 1
California Girls by Katy Perry
Teacher: Kyla Ortigas
Cast: Gegel Simon, Patty C. Verzo, Angela Castro, Kristine Vinna Joy Villena, Klara Iskra Anonuevo, ezra Mahusay, Honey Cordova, Ingrid Taroy, Nelsen Lyn Tejada, Elaine Ng Sy, Ahlyxon Leyva and MK Diaz.

Intermediate 2
Cartoon Heroes by Aqua
Teacher: Kayleen Ortiz
Cast: Jenilee Chan, Manga Llanera-Alaguia, Ceejay Samonte Kiara Tesoro and Etienne Ong.

Spinny Pole
Diamonds by Rhianna
Teacher: Kyla Ortigas
Cast: Georgina S. Rovira, Minnie Kim, Ronnie Singun, Fernando C. Trinidad Jr., Ingrid Taroy, Faith Deseo and Ahlyxon Leyva.

Run The World by Beyonce
Guest Teacher: Aira Bermudez
Cast: Stephen Hoe Cordial, Anthony James Barcena, Isis Huang, Rachel Rustia,
 Maane Rodriguez, Aiza belle Ridao, Cheska De Leon, Jaimie Madet,
 Paula Pangilinan, Melody Yapson, Lianne Ling, CJ Samonte and Etiene Ong

Men's Pole
Step By Step by NKOTB
Teahcer: Miguel Ignacio
Cast: Alex Enriquez, Fernando Trinidad, AJ "Vharz" Barcena, Jay Doncillo,
 Ronnie Singun, Kit Navarro and Stephen "Yuki" Cordial

Aerial Hoop
Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
Teacher: Amaya Gonzalez
Cast: Jodi Lorenzo, George Rovira, Tippi Sy, Adele Raya and Shayne Samoy

Aerial Silk Beginner
Back To Black by Amy Winehouse
Teacher: Duds Ignacio
Cast: Adele Katerina Raya, Sandy Dimayuga, Kristine Vinna Joy Villena,
 Jodi Anne Lorenzo, Honey Corodova, Joed See and Marie Nina Torralba

Aerial Silk Intermediate
Try By Pink
Teacher: Kayleen Ortigas
Cast: Kita Navarro, Nicole V. Torres, Marga Alguia, Alex Enriquez, Aila Genella Alcantara, Patty C. Verzo, Espee Pagtalunan, and Alex Vicencio Abo-Hamda

360 Fitness Club
Pop by *N Sync
Polecats Manila
Rhythm Nation/If/Billie Jean/ Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson.

Pole Tigers 


The Whole Cast and Crew!
My phone died in the middle of the act so I missed out on photos of two acts: Beginners 1, Just Dance by Lady Gaga and Beginners 2, Crazy By Britney Spears.

There was dead air though in between acts which I felt could have been more better if they placed a little more creativity with it while the lights were dimmed and you see the bustle of the crew wiping down the poles byt it didn't dim my excitement to see each act nevertheless.

I was in awe with the performances and I felt like I was at buffet where you pay for a superb meal to your satisfaction. My head was bobbing to all the songs, especially the 90's hits. I loved the soundtrack altogether. You just wanted to jive with it.

Although I didn't know anyone personally among the performers but I felt like I wanted to give them my personal congrats for the whole effort practicing and facing the challenge to perform in front of a packed theater. 

It was definitely a night to savor and it is no wonder why Polecats Manila's Stellar Recitals have been much raved about. 

I really hope to get invited again to the next recital and maybe who knows, be a part of the program in the future. Wink wink*

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