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I am an eager beaver when it comes to free activities for my little princess to learn and socialize. Happy enough I was able to come across this poster on Joomajam's Facebook page

I was so glad to know that aside it being on a weekend, it also was going to be held so nearby, at the very quaint Twittea in Sikatuna Village. We also got the chance to buy one of their Mango Fruit Teas which was served in a large mason Jar, good enough for 2 people. 

My princess enjoying the mango tea from the large mason jar.

We were asked to bring along materials for their workshop like special paper, aluminum foil and finger paints. As soon as Teacher Mae arrived we got to work with the finger paints and aluminum foil. The activity was to paint on the aluminum foil first then "imprint" it on a piece of paper or canvass.
It turned out to be pretty and my little princess definitely loved it.

My little princess at work

The beautiful works laid out to dry. 

My little princess showing off her artwork
Although the workshop was short it gave enough time for the little princess to show case her art and even made me more happy to be able to expose her to the activity with other kids. I am pretty proud of her because even though she hasn't started school yet she definitely deserves a Little Ms. Congeniality award for welcoming each kid that came through the door!

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