Personal| Living A Rosie Life: A Birthday Wish

I have the need to blog and write about this beautiful woman or else I'll expload! Haha. 

When I met my sister-in-law she was a dedicated work at home single mom with three kids and living with her mom. 

She was a simple, shy but a very warm lady. She had a smile that could light up a room and the very most expressive eyes. Her life at the time was very simple and she was able to only sustain the basic needs of her children. 

When she moved out and got her own apartment we were very much in awe on how she was able to sustain her kids and all her needs with her online job and we were simply amazed by her strong will. 

And then she met her soul mate... Jim, who provided her and her kids the love that was so unconditional and pure that even we fell in love with him. 

Jim is a businessman from Norway and ever since he met Rosie he never looked anywhere else. He wooed her constantly travelling back and forth to Manila and spending time with her three kids who they now call Daddy. 

I am writing this because I want to let my sister-in-law know how proud I am to have seen her grow and to have seen her rise from her hardships to a now blossoming mother who has finally met her true love who she fondly calls 'Mahal'. 

I literally cried when I saw her wedding photos in Norway, her happiness was all that we wished for. 

She is definitely living A Rosie Life and she has done this because of her optimism, her pureness of heart and her humbleness. 

Happy Birthday my dear sister-in-law. Everything you have is everything you deserve. We never tell you much but both Papatin and I love you very much. You are truly the best sister. 

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  1. Wow sis! I really appreciate you sharing my Rosie life! It made me cry when i read this. I always say this to you and say it again, I'm so proud to have a sister in law with Beauty and Brains and a Supermom! God Bless! Love you!

    1. Love you my sis! Truly you are a blessing and I am so happy that you have finally found the one.