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My hubby has been on a diet to lose 10 pounds for his upcoming MMA fight at UGB5. Since his diet he has been checking the nutrition and ingredients label of everything that we consume. Pretty fine with me since it is nice to know what is going into your body. 

Then The Good Box PH was looking for mommy bloggers via Mommy Bloggers Philippines which made me immediately interested. Could this service actually live up to the expectations of the now trying to be healthy eaters of this household or is it just another food delivery service? 

The aim of The Good Box PH is to create healthy meals with organically grown and fed vegetables to cater to a person's dietary needs in terms of calorie intake. What you get is 5 meals for 5 days carefully prepared by a chef and under the supervision of their in-house nutritionist and to top it all off, all meals are delivered right to your front door or office.  

The food is delivered the night before, all individually wrapped, labeled and in an eco bag with a personalized menu guide. 

I received a 1200kcal meal which comprised of 3 main meals and 2 snacks. This was delivered the night before my meal day and as instructed needed to be refrigerated and heated before you eat.  You had options on how to heat your meals which was either by microwave or steam. 

So let's go through the meals lasses, shall we? 

I was excited to start, so early in the morning I got up to try my first meal. 

Breakfast: Crustless Caprese Quiche, toast and coffee. 

▪️ The quiche tasted fresh and I loved the slight taste of cheese. The vegetables were not overwhelming and I loved the fluffiness of the egg. It was also very pleasing to the eye. 
▪️Coffee tasted fine, just like regular coffee. 

▪️ I would like to know what type of coffee I was drinking, since I am in preference of decaf. 

Morning Snack: Fruit Smoothie

I had the hubby try this and because I wanted to involve him in the inputs since he's on the health freak mode currently. 

▪️ It was filling and delicious, had a great milky taste. 

▪️ Preferred more fruit in it since it was hard to distinguish what type of fruit smoothie it was and the taste of milk was more evident than the fruits. 

Lunch: Moroccan Spiced Chicken on a chickpea and Pumpkin salad with Brown Rice. 

▪️ This was my favorite. 
▪️ At first you would have thought the chicken was pork because of how it looked then you realize that it's chicken meat without the skin, the chicken was tender tasted slightly smoky and I loved how it was preferred, for me it tasted grilled. 

▪️ The chickpea and pumpkin salad was very complementary to the chicken, I am not a pumpkin fan but I still managed to eat it because the chickpeas were tasty and so as the green string beans which were surprisingly crisp. 

▪️ I have never tasted brown rice before and wow I never knew it could be so filling! The serving was perfect for me and it made me want to buy a kilo to cook at home. 

▪️None needed

Afternoon Snack: Homemade Banana Bread

▪️ I'm a home baker and I truly loved the denseness of this bread. The taste was superb and it truly filled me up. Better than the store bought kind. 

▪️ None needed. 

 Dinner: Summer Lasagna and Fresh Salad. 

▪️I prefer to eat light at dinner since it's nearing bed time and we don't burn much calories while you sleep, this made it ideal. Your base is vegetables. The hubby and I shared this and both loved the mix of vegetables, cheese and noodles in the lasagna and the salami salad with dressing was sweet and tangy. Complemented each other perfectly! 

▪️ None needed. 

Overall liked:
▪️I didn't feel like I was sacrificing my taste  buds in any way and I still got my dose of sugar in the snacks. 
▪️I like that everything was labeled per meal so that you wouldn't get lost. 
▪️It was packaged conveniently that it was easy to bring the rest of the meals to work and since it's delivered it makes it so convenient.     

Overall Improvements: 
▪️ I am visual, I like to know the ingredients of what I am eating. Like what  type of coffee and what fruits are in my smoothie. 

Getting your meals through The Good Box if you want to lose or gain weight is very ideal especially if you don't have the time to create your calorie measured meals. You can be assured of freshness in each meal and these meals can also be created for those managing diabetes.

Prices for the week meals are ideal considering that you are paying for organically grown and fed vegetables, a nutritionist (Fia Batua RND), a chef (Chef Krissy and Chef Kadee), delivery and convenience. 

And finally you get to help the environment too, since they use eco bags and packaging that is environment friendly. 

Hop over to their website for more information on the pricing as well as to book your week meal. 

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The Good Box
Address: 105 Hawaii St., Pasig Greenpark, Pasig City 1612
Telephone: 0917-7111732
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  1. I think this is perfect for working moms! I don't have time to prepare healthy meals everyday so I get my lunch from the canteen. Usually fried gunk. :(

    1. True enough! Me too, my lunch usuallt ends up with a burger or chicken. Lol