Review| Ogalala System in Play Workshop

The hubhub and I have started to discuss about our princess' schooling and we are leaning towards homeschooling due to its numerous benefits. 

Just at the right time we received an invite to attend Manila Workshops: Ogalala System in play. 

Being the goal of Ogalala that playing and creativity will enable kids to enjoy and love life, they have introduced a plan for parents where you combine play and learning. We all know that kids love to play but we have to admit that we still need a helping hand on how to incorporate learning. 

Ogalala has different workplans for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.  

The work plan sheet for toddlers

Teacher Maia guided the parents on how to teach the kids using toys from Melissa and Doug, Baby Einstein, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, Haba, Oops, ArTec and Emco which are also available in Toy Kingdom. 

Teacher Maia (right) doing a demo for the learning while playing using products from Melissa and Doug.

I especially loved the Alphabet Mesting and Stacking Blocks of Melissa and Doug (shown in the photo above) also Haba's Animal Upon Animal game is so cute! 

There are so many ways to teach your kids using toys that I was so glad that Ogalala had invited parents for the free workshop which had definitely unlocked ways that we can contribute to our kids learning. 

My princess at the table

What we learned was a take home for us and the hubhub said: "Ogalala know what they are doing in helping the parents and kids, and the values about wanting kids to be happy was really felt and they want them to learn at their own pace and how they learn. If I had the money I would buy their toys since it is very sustainable."

The attendees!

I loved the toys and I definitely would also invest in them given the budget.  

The good news is that Ogalala is still offering these free workshops until September and you have to sign up now becuase their our only limited slots available. Do check my previous post on how to sign up here

Be an Ogalala Advocate by joining the workshops!

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  1. ang daming magagandang toys naman dyan. and di lang basta toys, educational din. I'll check it, mukhang marami akong mapipili! hehe! =)

    1. Hello Mary Joy! Super ganda ng toys and pati ikaw matutuwa. :)